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  1. I spat my coffee out when I saw the baby pic Brilliant PIREP Joe. That did give me a good giggle.. Enjoy a bit more time in the First Class Cabin, stick your feet up, enjoy some free champers, and I'll be there in a tick..
  2. hlminx

    FEDEX 737F WIP

    Liking those lighting effects James
  3. And that's DEFAULT scenery????
  4. hlminx

    CRJ learning

    Nice shots there Wayne. It's always fun to rediscover some old favourites..
  5. I think this might be the way to go.. My system was running reasonably well right up until the CMOS issue, so maybe a full wipe, a check on the gubbins inside the box to make sure everything is seated properly, and then add the software after i have checked the basics (last time i took it as gospel that things were ok and downloaded all the ORBX stuff again without checking it). P3D is a way off i'm afraid. My graphics card would need a serious update, and even the Processor might need over clocking, which i have never really had the balls to try so far.. plus the cost is a tad restrictive at the moment. I still have my Steam version sat in the wings if i ever wanted to go that route, but i'm too far removed from Steam now to know if its worth the bother. Will try the wipe first and disconnect the HDs i've added over time so that things go back to basics. Thanks again ps. given my recent bid for an ATWC flight, i might have to either do it before i wipe, or pick a later leg. Thoughts??
  6. Hey Joe I get none of those.. this is the extent of what i have... doesn't look good does it. I'm a classic Win7, original FSX Acc user.. i have to wonder if, when i was f'ing about with the CMOS, that i have dislodged somethng, but have noticed that my previous E drive was the SSD for FSX, and now one of the other drives has taken over as E and the FSX is now 'demoted'.. FSX is now such a touchy, teetering on the bridge, "nah, not today" program that it has so many foibles it's a crusade just to get it working without the multiple SSDs and HDs i have.. I did look at P3D, but cost of the program, cost of replacing the Graphics card and having to potentially re-buy a load of software is beyond the possible..so that's out. If, given the absence of expected program links, the prognosis is to wipe even further back, now is the time to do it. What do you reckon Joe?
  7. Ok, separate FSX SSD drive wiped and FSX discs 1 & 2 completed.. (no acceleration disk installed yet), and the .cfg files are STILL going into My Documents! Anyone know if this is a problem or not? I can make FSX save it to AppData manually but if it's screwed up something as basic as where the .veg is saved, what else has it done that I don't know about.. Any recommendations guys n gals? I'm baffled..
  8. Thanks Brian Very handy link and saves me hunting around for it.. Thanks too to Joe and Brett.. i will try all, however, i have also just discovered something very strange indeed.. My .cfg files are in 'my documents' and not in the 'AppData' in my roaming profile. How odd is that!?! I've never, in all my installs, ever had the issue with the .cfg going somewhere other than AppData. It puts me in mind to uninstall FSX once again and reinstall then check the .cfg is in the right place. Not sure its the final word, but fingers crossed... i've just put in for ATWC so i need to get my toosh in gear! Thanks all
  9. Al, i have to admit that when i first saw it, i had a chuckle.. it reminded me of one of your posts from 2013. I shall never forget your "Yogic Flying" response to Mike H's picture.. had me laughing for weeks afterwards Alas, this time, foor my passengers, its Yogic crashing..
  10. Fab Ferry Flight JG! Hot refuelling? jeez you really didn't want to be on the tarmac too long did you. Try and stay out of trouble.. Libreville looks like a bit of a melting pot
  11. Hey Geoff Great to see you back! Dust off the joystick, and get those props turning!
  12. Happy belated birthday Wayne Enjoy the rest of the weekend celebrations
  13. HI All After replacing my CMOS battery a few months back, i started having a lot of CTDs and 'Smartassembly' errors even though i had the fix for it installed.. I made the decision to wipe my rig back to Win7 and start again from scratch.. I have installed: FSX Acceleration ORBX (all my add ins such as Global, Airports, England, Norway etc, plus Bob) FSUIPC paid version and also SPAD to run my controls Kaspersky Accufeel A2A C172 trainer and a livery for my RW trainer G-OVFR ... so, basically not a lot! I am now getting all sorts of issues with flashing, some rather psychadelic colours, but i have now discovered the 'invisible plane'! I was fine until i went outside the plane in Instant Replay, and then i got these strange blokes in the back trying to head-but the runway. I have checked that i don't have DX10 ticked in FSX, i have also run TechPowerUp GPU-z and my GPU doesn't look like it is struggling.. It may be a NVidia 660ti but its had a LOT more thrown at it in recent years and has never had an issue.. My sliders are high, but they always have been.. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Is there anything else i can check hardware wise? Will the HiMem Fix help? I still haven't seen the Smartassembly error yet since the wipe, so that is still to come! Steph
  14. OMG... How long have I been asleep? My 660ti is sounding a tad dated! 🤣