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  1. I'd hope so.. it was dark. They didn't take off till 19:15z even though the flight was supposed to have left in the morning.
  2. A lot of GREAT things happened in 1969 Happy birthday Queen of the Skies
  3. Therein lies my problem; i don't have a scooby what i used for each of my saved aircraft profiles.. oh dear, what an eeediot I am Just a long shot If there are any future tweaks, it would be handy if there was a dropdown that you could select for each profile to show which one you used, or maybe only give one option like the other fields so that you are always using the same one?
  4. I'll just have to dream.. Thanks for confirming Jury
  5. They look great! That tomato shader is just for p3d?
  6. Hey Edward! Long time no see.. hope you're good Grear shots there..worth the time tweaking to get those stunning scenes! ATB
  7. I've never even heard of it.. until yesterday. Take it that it isn't for FSX?
  8. The clamps on the saitek aren't much better either. A sound and innovative solution Coff
  9. Some great moody shots there Jury
  10. Are there good deals to be had out there at the mo on cards? At some point I need to look at upgrading my rig as my poor 660ti seems a tad out of date Any recommendations of site/suppliers?
  11. Happy belated Tim... Sounds like you had a memorable day even if you did have to do a tiny stitch of work
  12. And that's 'Default P3D??
  13. My understanding of Autogen in FSX is that it applies to the Texture.. so you have Autogen that applies to default textures and Autogen that is for photoreal. If the Autogen is not specifically assigned to, and aligned with photo textures, layering in the scenery list won't help. There used to be a scenery placement tool by F1 that might help, or I think there is a way to add in objects using SDK bit I've never dabbled with that one.. There are a couple of scenery savvy guys in the Hangar that I'm sure can answer this one fat more eloquently than i
  14. Ahhh. Analysis... that was my last role, although it was for large scale printed items, display equipment and such.. nowhere near as interesting as working for our RAF! Nowadays I'm an SME [she says "expert" loosely] for a SAP electronic procurement system. Like you, I love my job, but miss the aviation tie-in. Now if I could do what I do, and look out the window of my office and see aircraft instead of trees, I'd consider myself very privileged indeed