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  1. Glad to hear you are up and flying again March, despite getting little help from the forums. The AEC tool is a very handy little tool so when something isn't working right with Orbx scenery, that's usually my first port of call.
  2. Good one Chuck... nicely executed turn at the end to position perfectly.
  3. Sounds a likely culprit if Orbx is installed.. either that or maybe overlapping add on sceneries from different developers in the same area perhaps? If you have Global Vector installed there is an AEC (Airport Elevation Correction) option which may fix it. FTX Central > Settings > Tools > Configure > Airport Elevation Correction. Run Auto-configuration. In my system AEC is 'Disabled' for KSEA.
  4. hlminx


    My only reservation is that you'd struggle to get a 737 out of EGHI unless you took several rows of seats out, and banned all those non-weighed 'cabin' size cases.. the runway just isn't long enough to operate safely in all types of weather.. I heard that the largest aircraft in there was a 757 but it must have been a struggle to get it back out. I think there are plans to extend the length closer towards the railway lines which will help, but the south end of the runway is set.. the M27 motorway runs right at the end of it, and close enough that there is an EMAS-like section to prevent overrun.
  5. Just came across this Navigraph survey about flight sim use.. very interesting! If it helps to keep our hobby/vocation/experiences alive, I'll put my five bob in!! https://www.navigraph.com/flightsimsurvey2018/
  6. Fantastic job Alan! We saw a Sopwith up close and personal at the Thiepval in the summer and your model really does justice. I love your tank/aircraft scene too.. I was lucky to see the Mk IV "Deborah" when I was visiting Cambrai in July.. an amazing experience when you see how cramped and treacherous it must have been. A very fitting reminder Alan. Thanks so much for sharing your incredible work.. we will remember them.
  7. Hi Joe Thanks for the speedy reply. Funnily enough, i'd tried to download 3.5 a week ago but was unable to re-set the Windows Features page to allow it to install.. Not sure what happened, but I just tried it again today, and for some reason, it allowed me to change the settings and UT2 now works! For the benefit of anyone else that gets this problem in future, this is what I did to fix the error message: From the Windows Control Panel, select the Programs and Features, then Turn Windows Features on or off My Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 was not ticked. I clicked the + to open the options and ticked both. Re-launching UT2 I no longer get the error.
  8. Hiya SInce moving across to FSX Steam, I am starting to find software that just will not play nicely with Steam Edition.. Has anyone with FSX:SE and UT2 come across this error as soon as they launch it? Program Error Error loading aircraft assignments Could not load file or assembly 'System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling without luck. I have .NET version 4.7.2 so I'm well up to date on that version. I have spent hours looking on the internet and on this site for the same issue, but only came across slightly different error message, or in some cases, the same question, but no answer.. Judging by the lack of responses on the Flight 1/UT2 site, i'll be drawing my pension before I get a reply! Anyone got any ideas?? Cheers Steph
  9. Not unless I so some hardware upgrades first, and cash is way too tight for a new Graphics card on top of the cost for the software too
  10. OK, those of you that know me pretty well by now, know i don't blow my trumpet much, so the title may have grabbed your attention.. I have finally, made the move from my old trusty (well, not quite) boxed copy of FSX Gold to FSX Steam Edition. I can almost hear Joe saying "It's about time too, padawan." I purchased it the year it was released, at a considerable discount, and just kept it in my back pocket in case i ever needed it. I've just been procrastinating to the point of incredulity! I now have the leisurely task of re-installing all my add ons, and deciding which, if any 'tweaks' need to be done to get my rig set back up and running, but i'm wondering what, if anything, those of you that made the switch years back have done.. I know that with FSXSE, the developers: Increased TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD to 4096 up from 1024 Changed HIGHMEMFIX=1 Increased Vertex and Index Buffers and the number of buffers. I have not done anything yet with .CFG and i don't want to if i don't need to, but are there any settings that people have made and found it helpful, or worth the work/money? I wasn't planning on going the DX10 route if there is no increase in FPS, so are there any 'gems' it's worth me investigating? Most of the changes i make will probably be to the camera views, and adding in useful little things like the Airport POI markers etc. Cheers all Steph
  11. I managed to get southern California literally as it ended and all the prices went back up. Result
  12. hlminx

    EGOV issue

    Ahhh, it WAS you then.. Sorry to have missed you and your son. Eat a few more carrots next time before the show
  13. Great news Joe I stumbled across it one day when i was looking for something totally unrelated. There are some real 'Gems' out there in the WWW, its just a case of finding them. Metatags.. love 'em Minx
  14. Just wanted to share something i stumbled across recently relating to missing runways within the Southampton area of ORBX add on scenery.. For me, it was Lee-on-Solent, my local field where i take lessons (EGHF), so missing parts of the runway was a bit of a disaster, but for this field, at least, there is a solution: If you have both Orbx England and Orbx Southampton, there appears to be an overlap which causes the missing scenery, so what you need to do is the following: In the Orbx England Scenery folder, locate the 3 EGHF files MOVE them from the EU England 'Eng 05' folder to the EGHI Scenery Folder Make sure that you run the standard ORBX libraries and elevation update afterwards, and the entire runway should be visible. Not sure if it works for other overlapping sceneries, but worth bearing in mind if you have lots of airport add ons plus the region software as well. Happy flying all Steph