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  1. The Fovant Badges are a set of regimental badges cut into a chalk hill, Fovant Down, near Fovant, in southwest Wiltshire, England. They are located between Salisbury and Shaftesbury on the A30 road in the Nadder valley; or approximately ¹⁄₂ mile southwest of Fovant. Satellite images are courtesy of Bing, Micro Soft.
  2. Just in the making of West Wales across to London for FS 2. This picture is at a complied resolution of level 13 although I have to complete resolution 14 for my low flying, its over 22,000 files to process. This is at 3000 ft above the port of Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire. The graphics in FS 2 make my photo scenery in P3D look very poor quality and it runs a cool 120 FPS.
  3. My home made photo scenery around EGOD for FS 2.................................
  4. Don't worry about it, that's a minor issue, or should I say miner issue as a Welshman!!! Good luck if you do decide to set a channel up. From what I understand the system isn't monitored anyway. I look forward to joining in with the singing!!! Cheers Mike.
  5. Hi Joe, If you wanted with the Zello system you can set up, as an example, "Mutley's Flying Club" and you become the moderator of that in effect private channel. You can then add or remove aircraft radio operators at will. The software is a small fraction of what Skype is and very light on all computers. Hope this helps. Cheers Mike.
  6. Aircraft radio communications in Join FS multi-player. In the past most of us have either used Skype or Team Speak to communicate whilst flying in multi-player using the very reliable Join FS software courtesy of Peter Memmott. However it doesn't really feel like using an aircraft radio which is PTT operation. To set this up you need to download Zello and register as a user and you have the option to set up your own private channel. eg: “ABC Flying Club” Download link: https://zello.com The PTT operation in Zello defaults to F7 on your keyboard. Next step is to download JoytoKey software and set this up so that your joystick PTT button is mapped to F7. Download link: https://joytokey.net/en/download That's all folks.
  7. This may be of some help Wain?
  8. I have writen about this free software in the past as it does make a very reliable two way radio type communications with PTT (Press to Talk) facilities in multi player. Its very light on the PC and has no effects on the FPS in whatever flight sim you are using. It offers the facility of setting up a group and or private “channel” so members once approved by the “moderator” can join in with the chat. For those interested in downloading the software onto your hand held device or PC here is the link to the main web site. https://zello.com PS. I found this YT video explaining the channel set up on Zello.
  9. I remember as a child watching in wonder the gliders being towed into the air with a Jaguar MK II car thundering down the runway at what was then Haverfordwest Gliding Club. It was great to get back into the cockpit of a glider and fly over the airfield and the town of Haverfordwest in West Wales using P3D. Free gliders for FSX and P3D can be downloaded from this link.... https://www.fsglider.de/p_e.htm