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  1. Hi all For all users of Orbx's EUScotland Christmas has come early. Now available here:- http://www.scotflightscenery.com/Freeware.htm is a small package which adds the new Queeensferry Crossing ( opening 2017 ) and also replaces the existing road and rail bridges with new models. For users of our Scotflight for Orbx scenery packages the above will auto-install into your existing setup. The same package should soon be available to work with FSX/Steam default scenery. Because of the extensive new approach road system it is not going to be so easy to add the new bridge to Horizon Photoscenery however. Iain Scotflight
  2. Hi To answer the original question new EU regulations are indeed the reason why we are not able to offer our products by download to citizens of the EU, outwith the UK. We are not VAT registered and wish to remain that way but if we supplied products by download outwith the UK but within the EU we would be required to charge, and account for, VAT at the rate going within the country of the purchaser. Iain Scotflight
  3. Now available is Volume4 of our series of products specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Orbx's EUScotland package. We have titled this volume 'Island Hopping' as all the eleven airfields and four helipads are situated on islands scattered around Scotland's coastline, from Gigha in the South to Foula in the North. As well as the airfields and helipads the package adds much localised scenery on the islands featured. The package also includes many lighthouses and also detailed ferry ports to support the included custom made ferries which sail to a revised daily timetable. Also included, for use only with FSX/Steam, is a collection of missions which will help users explore many of the features of the included scenery. Customers who have previously purchased all of our earlier volumes can take advantage of a discounted price. We also have available a four-volume pack at a reduced price. The product will install to FSX/Steam and all versions of P3D. For full details please visit www.scotflightscenery.com.
  4. Hi Kevin Yes, you said that on the 7 June 2014 as well. I have to say that enough customers seem satisfied with what they see to encourage us to keep on going producing further scenery and also updating our existing packages when required. We are happy to give a 30 day money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. We still await this option being exercised Iain Scotflight
  5. Hi Arnold Our records show you have already paid for the full product. No need to purchase again ( I like to be able to sleep at night ). If you have details of your purchases then on our website click on the 'Contact us' button and then select the 'lost keys' option. You should then be able to re-download the full product ie 3.13. If this does not work for you then please let me know. Iain Scotflight
  6. Chris My original posting here was not intended to start a 'support' facility for our products on this forum. We have our own forum for that. Could I ask you to re-direct this post to our own forum and at the same time I will alert my co-designer to the problem you are having. He will be in a position to check what version of Scotflight you have at present and then advise accordingly. Iain Scotflight
  7. Unfortunately I don't think we have got it quite right still. To clarify, the £7.50 charge only applies to the default ( non-photo ) update and not the photo version. Iain Scotflight
  8. Chris I spend my time designing the scenery and rely on my co-designer to handle the product installers and our web pages. I have now passed on a link to this thread to him so that he can advise on the upgrade routes available. Iain Scotflight
  9. Kevin I would hope the info on our home page together with the details on our products page will give the up to date position on what we have on offer. Having said that I agree that a little housekeeping is required with our forums and we are now going to look at some re-organization. Iain Scotflight
  10. We are pleased to announce a further update to our main Scotflight product. Included are updates for both photo compatible scenery and also for customers using default FSX scenery. For use with default we have now added enhanced versions of Glasgow Airport and Aberdeen Airport and also a new airfield at Balado. At Inverness Airport we have added new Search & Rescue facility and extra detail has been added to Sullom Voe Oil Terminal. A few other minor modifications have been made. For our photo compatible version we have added new Gamma Aviation facility at Glasgow Airport, Search & Rescue facility at Inverness. An updated main terminal building at Aberdeen Airport has been included as well as a new Bond hangar, also at Aberdeen Airport. Also adjustments have been made to EGPS Peterhead to make this airfield display correctly in P3D ver3. These adjustments are for both default and photo versions. For existing customers there is an updater installer package available. This update is free for our photo compatible customers, but we are making a small charge for the update for the default scenery version.
  11. Hi From a scenery compatibility point of view I am not finding any problems with our products in P3D ver3. However as EUScotland as yet does not come with an official installer for P3D ver3 we have not rushed into adding such a facility to our own installers, yet either, plus there have been time constraints on our own side in recent times. It will certainly be a priority now to work towards getting all our installers modified to cover all versions. In the meantime I am guessing anyone who had been able to set up EUScotland in P3D ver3 would have no problem doing likewise with our products. Iain Scotflight
  12. Scotflight announce the release of Volume3 of their product specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Orbx's EUScotland. Vol3 includes 23 detailed airfields, 9 airfields within EUScotland have been enhanced and a further 14 new airfields have been added. Airfields included range from Aberdeen International to small grass strips in glorious countryside. You have the chance to try out the World's shortest scheduled commercial flight between Westray and Papa Westray. The following airfields are included:- Aberdeen Archerfield Balado Broadford Charterhall ( under Duns ) Crail ( with Ness Lighthouse ) Culter Heliport ( under Peterculter ) Dornoch Easter ( under Fearn ) East Poldar Easterton ( under Elgin ) Falgunzeon Feshie-Cairngorm Gliding Club Insch Kingsmuir Papa Westray ( with South Pier, Papa Westray ) Portmoak ( with Loch Leven Castle & Kinross House ) RAF Lossiemouth ( with Covesea Skerries Lighthouse ) Rona Lighthouse Helipad Shempston ( with Gordonstoun School ) Unst Westray ( with Noup Head Lighthouse, Pierowall and Rapness ferry terminals ) Whiterashes Scotflight for Orbx Vols 1-3 include 64 enhanced airfields. Vols 1-3 can be purchased as separate products or a triple pack is available at a slightly discounted price. For more information go to :- http://www.scotflightscenery.com/Products.htm
  13. Volume 2 of our airfields scenery product designed to work exclusively with Orbx EUScotland is now available. This volume includes 23 enhanced airfields/helipads around Scotland included highly detailed scenery for Wick, Dundee and Prestwick Airports. Airfields at Castle Kennedy, Longside-Peterhead and helipads at Mull of Galloway and Knockhill Racing circuits are additional to the content of EUScotland. Full details and a screenshot slideshow are available at www.scotflightscenery.com 'Products Info'
  14. Hi all We have now released vol1.1 of our Scotflight for Orbx product. The main change is that this new version is now fully compatible with P3D2.4 as well as with FSX. Existing customers can get this updated version free by visiting www.scotflightscenery.com and going to the upgrades section at the foot of our 'Products' page. We hope to be releasing a volume2 of this product within the next day or two. Iain Scotflight
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