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  1. I wonder what is the best out there today? Looking for recommendations. Thanks Rick S.
  2. Great review IMHO. I will never go back to DX9 and the $30 odd dollars was a steal. I would pay double plus, maybe more, to keep it if I was threatened to lose it!! You have to use it to know what a game changer it really is. This from another retired, fixed income, person with a bad case of O.L.D.. Rick S.
  3. If someone doesn't jump in and point you in a better direction you could troll the hardware forums for hardware issues or conflicts at AVSIM. Good Luck Rick S.
  4. I guess it could be the Saitek hardware, I don't know what else to tell you. Wait, did you say it was okay with ILS-2? If so then it must be something related to FSX; not exactly sure where to point you in that case. I do remeber having a problem one time with FSX wanting to assign my G-13 Logitech Game pad as an FSX controller, without my knowledge, which created all kinds of conflicts. I don't remeber what I did to kill it although I think there is a hardware xml file or something that maybe someone else can comment on. I have a bad case of O.L.D.; sorry. Rick S.
  5. The only time I experienced similar problems was using a v3.0 USB port and not connecting the Yoke/Pedals directly to the MB. 1 other thing, are you connecting anything to the Yoke HUB; not recommended. Rick S.
  6. You are welcome, glad I could help. I posted this at AVSIM and think it mught be of benefit to some of your cockpit builders here; that use multiple Saitek FIP's. I have been running 12 FIP's, 2 Radio panels, 1 BIP, 1 Multipanel, 1 AP Panel, 1 TPM, 2 Throttle Quads, Yoke & Pedals, all from the Saitek Pro Line, and 1 Cessna Trim Wheel for a few years. I have never had to replace a single item. (I am, FYI, more of a casual FSX flier 6-10 hours per week) so my results may not be relevant to those who are using theirs multiple hours every day.) I do use the licensed version of FSUIP4 and SPAD. I tried running some devices from the Yoke's Hub, powered and not, but found erratic behavior from most everything I connected to it. My solution was to hook the yoke & footpedals straight to the MB/CPU, the FIP's to 2 Belkin v2.0 7 port powered Hubs that connect direct to the MB and the other devices to another Belkin v2.0 powered Hub connected to the MB. I also found that connecting any of these to a USB v3.0 port caused erratic behavior. My CPU does have 4 v2.0 and 2 v3.0 USB ports on the front of the case which makes this easier. All of these Hubs are connected to a Power Strip that I turn on prior to loading FSX. I first plug in the Yoke & footpedal's USB cable to the CPU then the Hub cable with the non FIP devices. Start FSX and wait for the HD light to stop then plug in the other 2 Hub USB cables to the MB. By following this sequence the non FIP devices will be found by SPAD, which won't find them after FSX is loaded, and the FIP's will come up in the correct order I want. More info available at http://fsxtimes.wordpress.com/ on how to set up the FIP's and some great gauge mods that Saitek should have done themselves. Also, there is tons of useful FSX information along with tweaks laid out in basic terms. Rick S.
  7. This site has all types of really good FIP panel's along with tips etc. http://fsxtimes.wordpress.com/ Rick S.
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