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  1. Thank you Matt,

    through the miracle of video editing along with sim time controls allows to move time few hours and record the planet in one state (day/night) :)

    the point of view was taken intentionally from F12 view to show the scope of coverage with seasonal changes throughout the globe as they accrue,

    there is more info on our forums homepage,

  2. The Blue Marble Project

    Meet The Blue Marble, yes we have another marble in our collection :)

    Blue Marble is not a new name for Black Marble, It's a Project on its own merits!

    Not to be confused with Night Environment, Black Marble, or vEarth (Virtual Earth) projects,


    More detail about Blue Marble Project can be found here http://forums.nightenvironment.com/topic/289-blue-marble/?page=1


    The video below showcase the projects from a worldwide prospective (best viewed in full screen at 1080HD!),

    Freeze frame the first second and you will see the old data visible for one second (including FPS etc.);

    Right after (in video editing) we blend from the same position only this time from within Blue Marble,

    Watch closely the following 20 seconds as we time lap through 12 month worldwide seasonal cycle,

    Before we start spinning the globe to show you Blue Marble in all its glory all around the world,

    and then right before when you think it’s over… wait for it! ;)


    Enjoy :)

    one more thing…
    be sure to register as a member of our forums by Christmas to be eligible for our special Christmas gift!
    with opening our new online shop we will invite all our registered forums members by Christmas to get their Christmas gift!
    A copy of Blue Marble free of charge :) 


    The Blue Marble



    Blue Marble is made out of real worldwide seasonal coordinated high res Photoreal imagery!!!
    (Blue Marble Seamlessly integrates and is Compatible with all 3rd party add on's like FTX Global and all other regions, UTX etc.)

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  3. if you recall this project started because of you! and PCAviator (aka Robert;  thats all the clues ill put out there for now ;)

    a truck load  plus.... the pint you already promised me! your total comes up to a pint plus a truckload ;)


    by the way i coined a new Phrase (seriously i posted on our vEarth thread :))

    "AccuGen" as its name suggests its an accurate Autogen; as a pose to the standard Autogen which is random every time its loaded,

    both are controlled via the same sliders; only AccuGen's object aren't random, they will always appear in the same exact location over the Photoreal imagery when allowed to run,

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  4. Thank you Phil, and YVW :)

    this is the holy grail of Photoreal Scenery in the making,

    i will try to keep everyone updated as we progress with this project,

    we showcase mainly trees detection there; but you can also spot other elements we have developed,

    such as extremely complex water rendering (thought we didn't use our full data there; the concept is present); including coastlines, and traffic,

    everything you see is an automated process driven 100% by vector data!




    Secret Project Unveiling - vEarth (Virtual Earth)

    this project has been in the making for some time now,
    initially on paper, than as a proof of concept, and now it is in full on development!

    with this project we aim for a new experience when it comes to Photoreal scenery integration!
    we are still working and developing in-house functionalities we need to achieve this experience,
    starting with color corrected Photoreal imagery! for ALL N.A. collected no earlier than 2015!
    as it stands our standards are LOD15! we will include all seasons variations! and Night!
    (we may or may not mix High res with lower res imagery in metro area's,
    our rational is... there is no point in using high res imagery than covering it with objects that block the imagery anyway)

    beside a complete special edition Night Environment style Lighting system (Autogen based with traffic!!!)
    what makes this project different than what most already familiar with is...
    we detect the data we render directly from the actual imagery we use!!!

    Project full Detail and info here


    KIMM to KAPF Part-1



    KIMM to KAPF Part-2


  6. 5 minutes ago, Andrew Godden said:

    my installation of FSX runs smoothly and with few problems.


    bit of an oxymoron :D


    as for DX10 vs DX9 there is no question or doubt for its superiority in memory management, (and so on with DX11 and onward with DX12)

    take multiple monitor setup, projectors setup, or VR integration, on FSX forget it!


    i don't question your current setup; just that P3D can utilize just about every bit of latest technology to its fullest,



  7. be advised guys that P3D is a resource hog, its not in a bad way!

    its by nature the guys over at LM dev group are taking advantage of every piece of new technology out there,

    this means you really want to be on fairly latest and greatest hardware to fully take advantage of the amazing elements LM is dishing out these days,


    @Andrew Godden

    it may seems this way... but its not old issues that they are fixing,

    its similar issues that accrue with new drivers they developed and implemented recently,

    there's absolutely no connection to the old FSX bugs you're familiar with,

    these accrue now in much more complex and demanding environment with extremely sophisticated technology thats been integrated

    multiple projectors and screens visuals and performance, SLI performance, and much more thats not published publicly;

    as beta member we have access to that information to some extent,



    there is one man that comes to mind and is worth mentioning, its Steve who still keeping FSX scene alive these days!

    without him and his dedicated work on DX10, most of today scenery and hardware are useless,

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  8. we can surly render all tunnels including entrances and all fine details (worldwide!)

    this topic did come up internally; the decision was to not render tunnels with Black Marble project,

    with that we will render tunnels with another unrelated project we are working on, for Black marble we saw no value including tunnels,


    as for MAM... this is what we got :th_blush:



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  9. Thank you very much Boss & Bee :)

    We are very excited and happy to be working with DTG and Steam,

    From my personal experience… a very well organized group of people who are very focused and on top their game!


    Our group is also running under our official new name and logo for the first time

    Chris Bell - Creative Design Studios,




    We are committed to deliver all our existing titles in our latest format, than… we will resume  completing all NA coverage with NE regions,

    To say the least we are very excited to be working together,


    Stay tuned everybody there are two more major unpublished projects our group is working on at the current moment,

    Yes that is along Black Mable and NE, I cannot disclose the details about these projects yet, but I will drop their code names,

    The one everyone should be looking for is WideSpectrum which is another worldwide class project similar to Black Marble in scope,

    and vEarth (shorts for Virtual Earth) which is a regional based project, (and no these are not night or light related projects)

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  10. We are very Excited and Happy to announce our new partnership
    Chris Bell Creative Design Studios &
    Dovetail Games (DTG),
    together we bring to you - Night Environment Steam Edition,



    Packed with our latest and most desired features like
    Adjustable 3D Light Bawl size,
    3D lights intensity slider,  
    Star Light 3D lighting,

    Volumetric lighting,
    as well as cars with (switchable) headlights beams,
    all comes as standard with Steam Edition!





    more info here


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