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  1. @allardjd
    Thank you John :)

    does that man we will get to see you take on night flights soon?



    Thank you Brett; we are very happy (ecstatic to be exacts) with results so far,



    Thank you Geoffrey :) 

    (typo fixed ;))


    John you should be all over this one ;)

    see if you can spot something different in this shoot (hint... bridge textures are internationally glowing :) )


  2. Thank you very much guys :)

    indeed this is one huge project to cover;

    it has been quite some time under the radar in the making; and is finally taking its final shape these days,

    our Team did (still) an amazing job on this project achieving every one of our goals, and then some!

    the above pics should speak for themselves,


    (there are no alteration or any edits; aside for converting from native sim captured bmp extension to jpg,)


  3. I thought I’d post few preview shoots from our upcoming Black Marble project,
    we bring you all new, accurate, and most recent, worldwide navigation level road network data,
    rendered into Sim native architecture, worldwide coverage of fresh and up to date road network (including traffic),

    accompanied with our new and most advanced lighting system we recently developed,
    (more info, pics and general discussion http://forums.nightenvironment.com/topic/207-black-marble)


    without further ado...let it be light :)


    New York City




    Miami (KMIA)




    Los Angeles (KLAX)




    Paris (LFPG)


    charles de gaulle.jpg


    London (EGLL)




    Frankfurt (EDDF)

















    Los Angeles area top view








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  4. lets touch the registration issue first,

    if that fails (during setup) ORBX will strip terrain.cfg information and delete some critical files as a protection measure!

    the result of that should be similar to what you're currently experiencing; so we want to be 100% sure that registration is not failing your setup first!


    once we know 100% that its not registration causing this; we can dig deeper into technical issues that could be contributing,

    i see no point in troubleshooting technical issue thats cause by faulty registration info or something basic that can easily be rectified,


    provided you confirmed your reg is in place; your comment not having classic FSX installed there ever!

    only reinforces my suspicious that there might be a problem with the installer itself (old or outdated possibly)


    ...Steam and P3D are constantly updating their platforms; things do shift and change with time!

    an installer from last year looking for P3D v2 in the registry by default; which doesn't exists today (in most cases);

    at the time of release there was no P3D v3.x! so the old installer doesn't know about P3D v3.x as well; or how to treat it!



  5. maybe you need to download a new compatible installer?

    i think you are installing into FSX as if it was FSXSE, do you also FSX installed? or just SE?

    if you only  have SE installed... its possible that orbx installer thinks its installing into FSX instead of SE,


    last post here may help



    (FYI: if no FSX is installed prior to FSXSE installation; Steam installer may use during its install default FSX  registry entries(or at least it used to)

    pointing to none default FSX directories; since the installer has to decide based on these entries; if its set the wrong way for SE in the registry;

    you may end up with similar issues where addons seemingly install correctly; when they only installed partially,)


    about the registration it is important that you know your registration is set correctly!

    it is possible that your registration info is still available for the program to query somewhere in the registry,

    it is though important to note in the event that registration information is not where it should be; i believe a similar situation could be observed,

    as long as we have this piece confirmed and out of the way; we can focus on technicalities that could/may be contributing,

  6. this has nothing to do with P3D or FSXSE; their products work on both platforms just fine,

    it seems as if something isn't installing correctly; in which case i can only suggest there may something with your registration/activation!

    there is no point keep chasing your tail; ORBX will strip this data if your registration fails!!!

    can you first confirm your registration is properly applied to your products?

    (no clue where that info is located or how to find it, maybe under about/help?)

  7. Thank you Gavin,

    the date on that file is from 3 days ago; inside it looks the same as the one i posted back for you few posts back,

    no changes have been omitted to this file after you installed the latest libraries from ORBX!


    is this the file that is currently in use by your Sim?

    can you specify the current path this file is located for you?

  8. you need to place it back in the same place you originally had it in, (im not sure which platform you're on FSX or FSXSE)

    you're original file is still posted here so you can always go back to it to see if the error persist,

    is that where it is located when you get this error now?

    did you install ORBX libraries yet?


    note: during install evaluation if for some reason your install is deemed illegal copy; ORBX will proactively delete these entries and their files!

    it is important that you have all your registration information entered correctly to avoid such mishaps,

  9. you're very welcome Gavin,

    yes use the terrain.cfg i posted for you; overwrite the one you currently use,

    then run the file from the second link (its latest orbx libraries);  i believe you should see what you're expecting afterwards,

    the entries missing in your current cfg file will be added, as well other files required for normal operation with all their products,

  10. Thank you Gavin,

    i checked your file; you had some errors there i fixed for you, you can grab it here -

    now the issue you're having is mainly because you're missing the whole whole autogen section FTX usually adds to terrain.cfg,

    you have the texture portion; but the autogen section is still only default entries; which also explains why you don't see any autogen objects!


    i believe you didn't install ORBX libraries as required after each update or new package installation!

    download and install this package https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0By8a-7jAShVrNzF6S0FWbjNTM3M


    for more info go here https://www.fullterrain.com/support

    find the word "Orbx Libraries" on that page and read the information posted there,

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