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  1. you don't reaaaaaly need it you can do allot of these things manually; or use the old build, still in any way you look at it Simstarter in any flavor makes life so much easier even for a single platform! one could still just say Thank you for the freeware edition and supporting it for free all these years (in the form of supporting NG ),
  2. there are differences in functionality; NG has new features and functions that didn't exists prior, it is a complete new code from the ground up, support and update are now native part of SimStarter, all platform are now fully supported (lets not forget there are 3 more expected to come out later this year),
  3. you said... you have to stand behind it now
  4. P3D are moving forward with full backwards compatibility! landclass system in P3D v3 is still exactly the same as SE and FSX are, you will likely want to use most of your addons to bring P3D LC back to life, not sure about vectors though!!! from the lineup you've listed expect few airports still not function fully as expected in P3D, far from me to know which exactly,
  5. i do know what we see in Sim i have no idea what others advertise, Manuel's approach at Chambery (French Alps) http://forums.nightenvironment.com/topic/201-ne-france-chambery-area-alpe/
  6. have a look at these settings in your cfg (not sure these apply in SE,) TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=4500 further then that you will need to consult SE support or ORBX,
  7. i am aware how lights work i suggest moving tree density slider if you want see any change in your view there,
  8. If anything goes haywire everyone are welcome to congregate on my forums for as long as needed, I’m happy to set up a dedicated public MH refugees camp area (if ever needed)
  9. good luck Joe, don't worry... we wont let you fail!
  10. thats because those aren't lights, they are trees!
  11. you can also run repair to restore the default textures,
  12. W00T Good choice Joe, well deserving shoot, Congrats Kevin!
  13. i just dawned on me... where is the commercial appeal in pre-ordering a "going back to school" products to anyone already simming?
  14. just a tip for night shoots, high altitude at night will be difficult to capture; a lower altitude with contrasting objects in the background; illuminated objects behind you will usually yields a better perceivable night shoot with more depth, Very well illustrated in Kevin’s excellent shoot above,
  15. Happy Birthday, Curiosity! (see the arm there?)
  16. this is truly amazing... Sandy Selfie Sent from NASA Mars Rover, this is the first high res colored image from Mars! This Jan. 19, 2016, self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at "Namib Dune," where the rover's activities included scuffing into the dune with a wheel and scooping samples of sand for laboratory analysis. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS (Click the image for full res!!!) http://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/jpl/pia20316/curiosity-self-portrait-at-martian-sand-dune
  17. My apologies… but i have to entice (just a bit) this month's theme for inspiration only!
  18. hands down legendary and a well deserving shoot, congrats Brian!
  19. how exciting; looking forward for this one!!! good luck to everyone
  20. you may have a landcalss issue there... second image from the top right in the middle where the sky kiss the erath; you see these 10 pylons?
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