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  1. HI guys; i didn't realize this was still going on

    your absolutely correct with your observation Nigel; first i'm sorry if i wasn't clear


    buffer pools has nothing to do with PR clarity or colors; just instructions for sim that may help increase texture handling performance


    id like to clarify my .10 suggestion should help render the terrain faster; thous pulling deeper imagery LOD's faster

    there is a range; .10 is not the only param, default out the box is .33, the range goes .2 <> .33


    the above settings needs to be matched and work well with "Texture Resolution" slider all the way to the right

    as shown in the pic below (left side settings "terrain and water")




    i see the houses clarity difference in the crossing area; this is how clear i see FL here; throughout!

    im not sure why you're not getting deeper imagery



    which GPU are you running with?

  2. the difference is only noticeable with Steve's updated shader

    the second image shows the setting that should be applied inside Steve's DX10 Fixer, the first is the matching settings in FSX (these work together)


    im not sure whats preventing you from installing DX10 fixer; but its well worth re-evaluating


    as for other tweaks;

    try locking your frames to 30, and un ticking AA in fsx settings

    set AA via Nvidia inspector (use the built in FSX profile to start with)

    here is a good article by NickN on setting this up



    cant really advise further without seeing your cfg


  3. DX10 does improve performance dramatically via its architecture

    the premise for this improvement  - DX9 keeps all VAS cache; while DX10 purges some of it!

    i highly recommend Steve's DX10 Fixer (with Bloom sliders tweak!!! and bloom turned on in fsx settings)


    as far as this being the solution for OOM; i don't want to start a full discussion about this

    but its pretty presumptuous to call this a permanent solution to fsx's native 32bit architecture flaws



  4. Hello Kevin; UK will be rendered and released

    you will be amazed how nice and easy night flying becomes

    it will prob be a difficult task for you to remove individual stray lights

    if you find anything that needs adding or removing; im game to make it as real as possible


  5. i have few friends who bought the latest PMDG 777 and are experiencing the same issues your describing

    the biggest contributor to their issues with the 777 (aside from the 777 itself) were FTX Global textures

    essentially you gotta clear memory room for the new 777 heavy textures; from your previous baseline


    as Nigel said; there's is no global stable solution to FSX OOM; other than waiting for P3D 64bit platform


    you can use process explorer to monitor your VAS usage;

    maybe you can gain some insights on whats causing your OOM


    as for cfg changes; my best advise is

    dont use online systems to modify your cfg file

    do it manually, one by one

    and the one by one is crucial for successful setup

    always examine your surrounding for the changes you made;

    and only when your happy move to the next parameter change

    it helps to read about each config what it does before your making the change

    i also recommend to use the same recorded flight for testing


    its a pain in the a$$ process

    but well worth the effort in the end



  6. i think what you see on most websites is custom programing

    calling data from curtain tables of your DB based on a user variable

    i don't think it is too complicated; PHP is prob your best friend on this journey


    The Apollo III Message Forum - FSD Server Support



    The Apollo III Message Forum - Flight Simulator



    or see - How to retrieve data on server by using PHP


  7. looking at your pics, it seems to me that you can use some customized settings changes for PR


    on my pc Florida's imagery is so clear; you can pickup lic plate numbers

    you're clearly not enjoying your PR as you should


    im not sure whats your rig setup; but here's a good baseline to start with in FSX.cfg

    these tweaks are generally for PR; but are good all around




    FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.10 (this one has the biggest effect on PR)


    in fsx display settings -> scenery tab

    make sure your texture resolution is all the way to the right



    in-light of the situation the next is not mandatory but well advised

    its best that you sit down before you start the sim after these changes

    and let the wife know; its ok if your screaming in the next few minutes, its not an emergency :P





  8. It does look good but surely they would interfere with the FTX global lights I use?


    there's no problems when Night Environment is used with FTX Global Vector

    NE series actually enhances FTX Global and Vector


    NE's 3D lights also work over any photoreal, including the ground splash!

    and always fully visible at 60Nm radius; regardless of your slider settings


    you shoudl give the demo a try





    Chris Bell

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