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  1. MR. Kevin Firth thank you for your prompt answer. I would assume these European sceneries are still in beta and they should quickly go back to their drawing board and redo them completely. At the price they charge they will make quite a few customers pretty angry, meaning they will lose them forever. They have lost me. Other sceneries with similar problems : The area around the airport of Northampton, EGBK in the England Scenery has the same problem with adjacent areas of different quality and texture. The area around the airport of Brussels EBMB, Belgium. The area around the ai
  2. Adjacent areas within same scenery I have sent to PC Aviation’s support dept. more than 10 e-mails, have opened more than 3 different tickets and no answer from these guys. That is why I am begging from any fellow simmer that is familiar with MegaSceneryEarths´ sceneries to give me a hand with the following issue. Although I have similar problems with the Belgium, Netherland and England sceneries I will only address the problem I have with the Germany North scenery since this is the scenery that is in worse shape. As it can be appreciated in the attached image of the area around Ne
  3. Hi there!!! I have several issues to post about MegaSceneryEarths´ sceneries but I cannot do it without attaching an image. Please, how can I do it? TY!!!! Marbasan.
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