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  1. I have family living in Grand Cayman and spend portions of the hurricane season out there every year. I was amongst the first people allowed back on island after Ivan. Since then I have witnessed first hand two major hurricanes effecting the area, one the largest hurricane on record in the Caribbean, ever. For the past few years NOAA have predicted a below average hurricane season. Sea surface temps, and more significantly deeper ocean temps (up to 200m) where unprecedented during the 2014 season, especially in the Gulf of Mexico. NOAA has predicted hurricane frequency and tracks more successfully in the last decade than in recorded history, hardly Michael Fish. Regards, M.
  2. Oh no, not another loon. Admit it Nigel, you just made all that up. Trust me Nigel, cyclones are a passion of mine and I can say with total confidence that what you said regarding hurricanes, was utter rubbish. Regards, M.
  3. These sources just get worse. Do you ever research the people who fill your head with this nonsense. Your right wing politics dictate your beliefs, not facts. On Peter Ferrara, I am Director of Entitlement and Budget Policy for the Heartland Institute, Senior Advisor for Entitlement Reform and Budget Policy at the National Tax Limitation Foundation, General Counsel for the American Civil Rights Union, and Senior Fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis. I served in the White House Office of Policy Development under President Reagan, and as Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States under President George H.W. Bush. I am a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, and the author most recently of America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb (New York: Harper Collins, 2011). Not a Climate Scientist then? Fantastic. Some of the comments on the page make more sense than his crappy rhetoric, "Cherry-picking right wing ideologues to write a book whose conclusions were known prior to writing the book isn’t science. It’s propaganda. Just like this “contribution” is". "There’s no science in science. All of the REAL scientists work for political think tanks and write editorials in the WSJ and Forbes. That’s where the REAL science is happening. There’s no such thing as global warming, or evolution. HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. Vaccines cause autism. And GMOs will kill you". "Science is about how hard you believe and how loud you can shout. It has nothing to do with evidence". It's obvious to me that you have real issues regarding how modern media works. When you cannot separate facts from PR it can start to become a real problem. Regards, M.
  4. As I like to think myself an exponent of 'critical thinking' and try to use it in all areas of my life I spent some time sourcing some information related to the website my computer was directed to when I clicked the link in the previous post above. Now when it comes to climate science I know next to nothing. My background is in Geology and MicroBiology, so when I try to learn about MMGW I tend to gravitate towards the experts, you know, the guys and girls who have studied it all their professional lives, great institutions like NASA and the ESA, try to learn from people who have forgotten more about the subject than I will ever know. I may even pop over to arXiv.org and try and make sense of the thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers available on the subject and attempt to educate myself, as for all it's failings, the scientific method is the best way humans have ever devised to unravel the mysteries of the universe. Or alternatively I could just go to ClimateDepot.org and give myself the internets version of a frontal lobotomy. Just in the interests of transparency, here is a little info about ClimateDepot.com and it's shill of a boss Marc Morano. Marc Morano runs the climate denial website ClimateDepot.com. He previously worked for Rush Limbaugh and Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) -- both vocal climate change deniers. Although he has no scientific background, Morano has declared that the science of manmade climate change is "collapsing." He has called global warming a "con job" and said that climate scientists "deserve to be publicly flogged." Morano often appears on Fox News to spread misinformation on climate change, and Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly used his material to attack climate scientists. Climate Depot is sponsored by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a conservative think tank that has received funding from ExxonMobil and Chevron. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Climate_Depot http://mediamatters.org/blog/2012/11/28/meet-the-climate-denial-machine/191545#morano http://mediamatters.org/research/2012/12/27/climate-change-misinformer-of-the-year-marc-mor/191878 That is all. Regards, M.
  5. SpaceX release video of the crash. Close, but no cigar. This time. https://vine.co/v/OjqeYWWpVWK Regards, M.
  6. Cameron loves anything his parties financial backers tell him to like. However, someone is leaking TTIP internal documents to WikiLeaks. https://wikileaks.org/tpp-ip2/ You can read the secret TTIP Chapter here. https://wikileaks.org/tpp/static/pdf/Wikileaks-secret-TPP-treaty-IP-chapter.pdf Regards, M.
  7. Since when has the Daily Mail ever let facts ruin a story. Regards, M.
  8. Happy birthday Martin. A mere 335 081 625 000 000 miles old. Regards, M.
  9. The problem doesn't lie with Steam, the problem lies with people not practicing safe computing. Don't arbitrary click links, especially in email and chat rooms. My question is, why does Windows still allow the installation of damaging malware and viruses with one simple mouse click and no further interaction from the user? Windows security is a total shambles. Regards, M.
  10. Those damned nacelles, I spent an age trying to match them up on the web Great model nicely finished Regards, M.
  11. Great post Geoff. It would seem that the Chief Executives of Korean Air could benefit from the same CRM re-training their flight crews underwent after the slew of accidents they experienced during the 90's. That mentality on the flight deck cost lives, in business it costs money. That may be harsh though, and it was just an example of a little rich person throwing their weight around. As for the NATS computer glitch, I'm surprised the politicians didn't try to blame everything on Russian/Chinese/North Korean hackers. Failing that, maybe an ISIS terrorist attack. They missed a trick there. Regards, M.
  12. Actually John, you make a good point. A storage device utilising the oscillation of electric spin in a magnetic lattice providing 1Tb of data storage per cm2. Looking at one of my external HD's this thing is 4Tb. Using this new technology it could store, judging on it's size around 200Tb, and it won't need replacing in 3-4 years unlike this spinning platter thing I have here, as it will have no moving parts. Brilliant!!! I'm not sure what you mean Nigel. Somebody better tell EDF because according to their web site they seem to think their building two. One at Hinkley Point and one at Sizewell. Has some new development put this in doubt? Regards, M.
  13. Those physics boffins have been busy this year. Light on the Cosmic Web gets my vote.
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