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  1. wain

    space is low!

    Just an update... I moved the temp and tmp folders to my XP drive which has ample space.. All downloaded and installed... Nice... Todays problem was Windows closing down my WiFi card to save power.. Sorted that then the download was fine... What is it with PC's you get time to fly and they throw a tantrum..
  2. wain

    Wheelstand Pro Saitek

    @J G yeah I saw the pictures.. Good idea... I have a Nitro gaming chair.. On wood flooring with no brakes but seems to be OK....
  3. wain

    space is low!

    I have a 250gb SSD for my OS which normally has about 60gig free......however with the download of Netherlands True earth being so big I am struggling for space....I have watched a few YT vids on moving temp folders to another drive but they don't go into much detail, like what you change the name to etc......Ideally a larger SSD would work but that would mean I guess a complete reinstall.....any suggestions or has anyone got around the same issue....I have loads of storage elsewhere on my system.....I have at least bought the ORBX item in the sale so it's not really a pressing issue to get it sorted.....
  4. wain

    Wheelstand Pro Saitek

    maybe you need a bigger boat Matt......
  5. I have ORBX Norway so not sure if they would work together...
  6. wain

    Misty route

    great work, looks like a great flight......
  7. wain

    Wheelstand Pro Saitek

    never heard of this before, I thought it was new out, never mind read it now and I agree.....
  8. wain

    Netherlands True earth

    would that be the review I mentioned in the OP? was looking for more feedback from anyone else .........
  9. Did anyone get this yet? Wondered if there was any feedback with an addon aircraft like PMDG / IFLY / MAJESTIC DASH etc, live weather REX / AS16 etc? Any real slow down problems when you got low near airports? Also any slowdowns when using Carenado? They seem to be a real hog in XP but not so sure in p3d4..... I have read Andrews review so I am aware of his findings but wanted a bit more of a wider feedback....
  10. Like a lot of others I struggle with space, my PC also is the one I use to run our family cleaning business on, it's good because lots of work is cloud based or on external storage.....however this means I have no way of using my yoke or rudder without the fuss of connecting to desk etc all the time, only takes a short time but puts me off.....anyhow I saw this on you tube, liked the look of it and ordered direct from manufacturer in Poland, cheaper, faster delivery and free delivery unlike Amazon......arrived yesterday, put together and tested, I am pleased with the quality of the build....there is another arm that can go on but the panels I use are fitted snugly into my desk, I may post a pic when it's all running....£125 was the cost including free UK delivery.....no power issues at the only things into the yoke are rudder and TPM......my panels are on a powered hub that feeds directly into the back of the PC(to motherboard).. unpacked... all folded away in the corner of the office....
  11. wain

    still Majestic

    cheers guys, it s a great plane once you get the hang of it, I don.t do everything correct but it still works fine......
  12. wain


    great shot...