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  1. wain

    Connie Cruise

    cheers Jim, I finally worked out that my engine was always cutting out as I had accidentally ticked auto-mixture box in sim settings, read about over at A2A....
  2. seems you have it sorted now, that's good, glad to hear I am not alone in never using farcebook....
  3. I am assuming you mean the one I have linked below, also have you installed openscenry? link below? they aren't showing properley you will have to copy/paste....if you download an airport from the dotorg you usually find links to the libraries......hope this helps but I must dash now, work calls..... https://www.opensceneryx.com/ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/24261-the-handy-objects-library/
  4. I always use overclockers.......
  5. think I bought it from simmarket.....had install issue, my fault but the dev was back to me very quickly....
  6. wain

    A bit South

    agree with Brian I love the last 2....
  7. never seen this before, where did you get it from? any pics of what it should look like? anything else installed at the same time?
  8. wain

    Connie Sunset

    great shot Jim...
  9. lets hope for some big things going on over the 2 days, it seems to grow every year...
  10. Flew the JF Archer from Inverness - Bristol today, flight was over complete ORBX TE UK series of scenery, UWXP and ASXP combining to inject and visualize the weather....I cheated in regard to fuel and topped up using XP Fuel during flight instead of landing somewhere.....I think these shots just go down as far as Blackpool area..... by the way I think these planes JF are converting to XP are really good examples, I know I am biased but I have a different version of this plane and I don't think there is much of a comparison...thoroughly enjoyed bug squashing on this one...
  11. I still use both, mostly because I have Aircraft in them both that I really like, however unless something big happens for p3dv5 v4 is probably my limit. NOAA is good for giving fairly accurate weather, I do see people on XP moaning that the weather is not exactly what they are seeing and see it's a report from a station that's updated every 6 hours... I chop and change but today I flew Inverness to Bristol, (was working from home?).....over TE UK and using UWXP and ASXP, I was pleased with what I saw and the ORBX scenery is amazing....
  12. wain

    Connie Cruise

    nice shot Jim, do you know I still have never completed a flight in that, can't figure the thing out....
  13. wain

    Old FSX screens

    I thought the sam, bout 5 years our clouds might look good.... Great find Jury....
  14. nice fix Matt, sadly I would have lobbed it....no patience!!
  15. wain

    Broussard VH-HFA

    nice shots, great plane....