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  1. wain

    AH1 - XP11

    Over on JF forum a guy has posted a link to .org with a small app he has produced, this app fools AH into thinking it is reading the default acf file, this then allows you to add new aircraft. This was the only feature not working and making AH1 incompatible with XP11. I have now been trying this app for a few weeks and would like to report that it works fine, sometimes you have to tinker with the fuel figures, my initial install of TB10/20 was showing that it only had enough fuel on a full tank for 92nm..... anyhow all sorted and that aside everything else is as per the original AH1 program, that linked with the new scenery from ORBX is great......... I have emailed all this to Duncan (Slopey) and the guy posted it all over at JF and they seem OK with it, the app is free and there is a guide which if followed works well.. Just thought I would put this out here in case anyone has AH1 for Xplane and was looking for a reason to fly, I usually like a purpose... Wayne
  2. wain

    Trueearth XP11

    thought the same myself, and I have always thought having all the ORBX stuff for UK was looking so good...
  3. wain

    Trueearth XP11

    Here are a few shots from my first couple of flights using the above, I am very pleased with what I have seen so far.........not really seeing any performance hit ......I have left the counter in the top corner just whilst I try it..... JARS A320 traveling west from Gatwick.. following the M5 north, they recommend around 3500-4000ft to get the best however to stay under cloud I was at 2200ft.. above Portbury dock, Avonmouth in the distance, below is the area where imported cars are stored... filton airfield, also The Mall shopping at Cribbs Causeway can be seen .... this was heading to EGGD by Pilot plus, I think it blends in quite well.... somewhere over Wiltshire, I think.. just by EGHI, another Pilot plus addon.... default Gatwick.. overall I am very pleased and will be getting the other areas as they come out.........
  4. wain

    Some XP11 GA

    yeah I did see you but you were busy with someone chatting......
  5. great work and some great shots, bought this one now and can't wait to install your livery if you are making this one available, not at .org yet.........
  6. just downloaded UWXP at the end of last week but been away all weekend, so once I get home later and true earth is installed we will see how it looks...it does seem more configurable....
  7. wain

    Autumn is here

    thanks for the comments...
  8. don't forget to update you FTX Central or it won't work......
  9. love the work you have done, nearly bought this a few times, how does it compare? In p3d I have the Ifly 747.....
  10. great work, like the look of these...
  11. wain

    Some XP11 GA

    nice, this is looking really good, currently installing into my sim but need to go out soon, hopefully get a look later.........was a given though that I would have it....been so excited since seeing it at cosford.....