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  1. such a satisfying feeling when you get it all together, press the button and it fires into life.......happy days..
  2. wain

    Just Three

    nice and clear...
  3. wain

    clouds etc....

    yeah for me UWXP is currently the best, I have it set to load random cloud and texture sets on every load.....
  4. nice shots Chris, I really like the first, the lighting in XP is truly amazing...
  5. @Tim_A I was looking at the Premier 1A, your thoughts please?
  6. wain

    Shack Rat

    very nice.....
  7. So it's that time of the year, sleighbells needed at LOWI, trip from Munster to Innsbruck, all went well until told to descend to 3900ft, at 4200ft I couln't see a thing, Go around required. Luckily on the 2nd approach all was good but there were no spaces so had to park near a hangar, flew the 2nd attempt by hand and it felt quite good, greaser landing to.....Airbus is A319 from Aerosoft.....
  8. wain

    clouds etc....

  9. wain

    clouds etc....

    ASXP supplies the weather but it will get shown by either XP11 default or one of the other, I am finding UWXP for me is looking really good, it's a bit like how some of use AS16 for weather but REX for clouds etc....there are 2 sets of clouds with ASXP but I prefer UWXP or even SMP clouds.... SMP will display the weather that Real Weather Connector reads from the ASXP app, however Cameron over at X-Aviation says you will get a better rendition if you use FSGRW... You just have to set up XP weather to take it from metar.rwx which is put in the main folder by ASXP..... cheers, I spoke with Frank over at X-Aviation a while back as SMP for me when used with Carenado drops my frames, their 4.7 update using ASXP is actually giving me better fps....I have not used Xenviro for a while now, will try if 1.10 ever comes out....
  10. wain

    clouds etc....

    these 2 are this morning using ASXP and SMP4.7, and actually when I took these it did look very orange outside...
  11. wain

    clouds etc....

    Took a few shots around TE South, using ASXP to inject the weather and UWXP to show it........Skymaxx Pro just emailed about an update that will integrate it easier with ASXP but I have not tried that yet....
  12. nice shots there Chris, sim looking really good now, ORBX done a good job I think.....
  13. just an update on the update, I re installed Aivlasoft, all good now....