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  1. wain

    Epic E1000

    great shots, great plane....
  2. wain

    Federal Express

    great shots Jury, how old is that livery?
  3. great shots Dolf....
  4. wain

    Maggie's Drawers

    great shots...
  5. wain


    I have both and prefer XP version, but I do seem to lean more that way at the moment....
  6. I looked into but gave it a miss eventually, not for me however the devs are pushing it a lot.....I use Saitek panels and wouldn't be able to use them with VR....
  7. wain

    A foggy day

    very nice shots, proper weather you had there...
  8. wain


    nice shots Dolf...
  9. Great shot Jim, very clear.........
  10. wain


    Loving this Hawk from JF, eventually got the hang of Navigating however got too slow on approach......that's gonna cost...£££££....
  11. wain

    Connie Cruise

    cheers Jim, I finally worked out that my engine was always cutting out as I had accidentally ticked auto-mixture box in sim settings, read about over at A2A....
  12. seems you have it sorted now, that's good, glad to hear I am not alone in never using farcebook....
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