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  1. Thanks James I thought I updated it all last week but remembered that the download failed so now I have done all updates, but no different, I went into FTX lights tweaker and put lights to level 12, they're now visible from ground level but barely visible once at 1000ft or more than 3nm from the airport. The lights are where they should be but the intensity just isn't there. It seems to only the add on airports that have this problem as all other airports are clearly visible from 15nm or more. I have just done a few flights from various ports and realised that it is only the add on ports B
  2. Hi Dai, Cheers mate, I'm not too sure if it's an ORBX thing because when I fly in FSX without AH everything is fine, lights are perfect, but as soon as I go through AH the lights are gone taxi lights and runway lights
  3. Hi fellow simmers I installed some extra ORBX airports into FSX in which I have ORBX AU also and everything is gorgeous BUT when flying in Air Hauler the runway lights are not visible from the air! If I zoom right down to the runway I can actually see them but they look as if they're underground!? the airports are YCNK Cessnock and YSCB Canberra. Any idea's?
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