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  1. I'll take a seat on this ride. Relax a bit on route to my next leg. Sorry to hear about the pressures of school, but just think all the hard work you put in now will lead to this type reaction when you are finally finished so hang in there big buddy. :great:
  2. This post gets my vote for best post for ATWC II to this point. Joe this is what the spirit of ATWC is all about and you have captured it to perfection. :dance: Well done Boss, and those shots are awsome, your sysem is really looking good. Thanks I really enjoyed reading this post. As for that sand thing with Hugo and myself, not one our proudest moments, a bit to much of the local brew will get you agreeing to do strange and embarasing things, the above being a good example. However as Hugo has already said, thanks for getting us out of there. As for me taking a wrong turn and head for the tail gunners seat, well that was intentional, need some recovery time. after the sand dance.
  3. Thanks Boss, I look forward to the next section. :biggrin:
  4. CAA330, awsome post. Yea I was up on the hill waving you off, with a couple of those ATWC addoring fans waving alongside me, we really enjoyed watching you take off, it was an awsome display of power and grace, well done mate you kept the flag flying high for ATWC, you really showed the locals what ATWC is all about, all they wanted to do the rest of the day was ask me questions about ATWC and our adventures. I was planning to fly out after you and meet up with you in the Maldives, but looking at the weather there, it looks no better than here in the Seychelles, so I will ground myself for a few days. Well done mate :biggrin:
  5. Thank You for the kind comments gents, really appreciate them. :atwc: Go CCA330, ya good thing, really enjoying the island hoping are you, maybe I should book myself as a passenger on your leg.
  6. I will have to go with the SAA in the one shot. No seriously, the Original Met Jet, the one used on the 747 has to be my fav. :atwc:
  7. Looking good. If I may, some tips. The shadow on the wing, just bit to far down the wing bring it in closer to the fuselage, also you have rest of the shadowed wing lightened, but looking at the fuselage, the sun is shineing from the opposite side, so I would not lighten the balance of the wing just add the shadow. As well add some shadow to the engine on that side aswell, as I am sure it will get some shadow to looking at the angle of the sun light. What I can also see is that there would be some shadow from the upside wing reflected onto the rear of that engine. I hope you do not mind me giving so much input, and I hope it helps you achieve the look you are looking for.
  8. vacs007

    Metro Flt 409

    Brilliant shots Steve. :atwc:
  9. Great shots, love the last one. :atwc:
  10. Guess what? It is raining again. But a little bit of water is not going to stop the baton from getting to it's destination. OK a lot of water. However the MET onroute is for scattered cloud and no rain, so it looks like we will be arriving to a nice sunny clear day in the Seychelles. Here we are loaded up and ready to fire this bird up. Just like the baton needs to get to the Seychells so does this bird, so we are flying light because it is a ferry flight, however we do have one VIP passenger again, The ATWC baton. (look out for it) Up and away we go Saying 'Good bye' to FMNN On cruise and above the weather, things are long a lot more sunny up here. Cloud cover is starting to lighten up, so a dry flight looks like it is on the cards. Still cruizen. Leaving the rain behind. Lets get some close ups of this beautiful AC Look Boss the baton traveling first class. Clear blue on top and clear blue below, what a sight. "Cap'n we are passing over Faquhar Island" - 'Gesundheit CP, oh sorry, thank you CP' (Faquhar island is a small island that is part of the Seychelles islands even if it is an hour and 30 mins flying time from the main Seychelles islands) Some cloud building up again. FSIA in sight, on the glide slope Awaiting parking instructions from ground control. And as you can see the rain caught up with us again. Now to go and look for CCA330 lounging out on some beach or in some island pub, if it is raining like this, I expect he will be regalling some of the locals in one of the pubs with all of his flight adventures. :atwc: Boss the baton is now at it's next hand over point, over to you CCA330. I hope and trust you all enjoyed this leg with me, it has been a long one. I will know sit back and enjoy to the legs flown by the other pilots in ATWC. I have had fun flying this leg, it did have it's challenges, but I enjoyed it none the less. for flying with me.
  11. Thanks Joe, your to kind. Yes it is. As for the PC issues, well my current system is starting to show it's age, and all the parts are starting to groan under the strain of FS, more and more little issues are starting to creep in. So the need for the nice new shiny lighting fast system is looking more and more like it needs to happen, or is it just me wanting a nice new shiny toy, ummm, maybe a bit of both . but no matter how I look at it, a new system is on the cards, the only hurdle is baby is here in 3-4 weeks and so budget is focused on mommy and him for now, till then I have to keep the old horse running.
  12. Thanks for the comments chap. Joe look again, it is there. Yea, as I thought CCA330, would be only to happy to be loungeing about on the beach, getting some rays and enjoying the view Well holiday is nearly over CCA330, I will be there shortly. See you soon. Then I can take some time out in the sun and enjoy the views
  13. While attempting to complete part 3 of my ATWC leg 19, my system kept crashing on me causing me to keep restarting my flight, I even tried changing AC in the hope that it will solve my problem, but that was not it, it turns out it was hardware related, I have hopfully now fix the problem. Anyway, while attemping each flight I did get some screenies taken, and so decided to do some rough edits with them, so here they are. I am trying to capture the dark gloomy effect of bad weather with these, still need some practice though. They are a bit to dark, need to work on the lighting some more. Enjoy and comments welcome.
  14. Here my first entry for this months comp. Man the entries are good this month, everyone is exceeding expectations, some exceptional entries already, good luck to all.
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