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  1. Pedantic mode on. It's actually "Mothers in Law" Mode off !
  2. An interesting article I found on the A2A forum, which might be of interest to those seeking a new yoke. It was was headed as "New Yoke and Flightsim 2018 Cosford" and is as follows Hi all Lewis was kind enough to allow me to post an announcement here, I'm announcing a new product in development from my company Fulcrum Simulator Controls. No pictures yet as I'm seriously pushed to get this ready for Flight Sim Show 2018 at RAF Cosford where I'm hoping to have a working pre production demo of it - naturally running with A2A birds! I'll be at stand 18 which is near the nose of the Ju52. http://www.flightsimshow.com/ So after many years of trying to find a yoke I was happy with and spending an obscene amount of money on various 'high end' yokes I was still facing disappointment. All of them have drawbacks, either not enough rotation and travel, no hat (which is important for home simming), dead zones, detents, notchy feel, the inability to be used smoothly with one hand - I could go on but I'm not naming names and I'm sure some of you understand what I mean with those observations. I decided to try modding some of the high end yokes to improve travel, feel etc and after examining them and tinkering with them I came to the conclusion that I could probably do better, or at least as well but for less money. After all, as a trainee pilot I had access to real aircraft and as a long-term (very) simmer I felt I knew what simmers want. So here we are, I'm about to launch a product at the show. I don't know how well it will do, it is pre production and still requires some optimisation before production can start. There are a lot of 3d printing parts in it, there are some cnc machined parts and there is a definitely non-production metal case hiding it all! Aluminium casting for the yoke is delayed due to lead time on the pattern making so this demo will only be plastic although it is seriously solid. To provide some reassurance about the commitment to this venture, we have invested thousands into this already in equipment, machining and product research and development. The local manufacturers that are lined up to produce casings, castings and machining are large scale manufacturers that currently produce a variety of parts in large and small quantities for aerospace and automobile companies. All the cutting welding and machining is fully automated which means they are happy to produce small runs but equally can quickly scale up if demand arises. This means that hopefully we can avoid the months long delays that affect small manufacturing companies. I'm happy to answer any questions but nothing more on price or availability just yet please. I'm aiming for shipping within 3 months but don't hold me to that, these things take time! Price wise, I'm aiming for it to be between the Honeycomb yoke and a GoFlight yoke but who knows with Brexit! I'm on facebook so feel free to pm me here or there https://www.facebook.com/fulcrumsimulatorcontrols/ Our website is still in development but you can sign up to the mailing list there or email us directly.http://www.fulcrumsim.com
  3. More thrust required, to increase lift!
  4. BALUS ( Balus i pundaun.) The plane has landed. Pidgeon English from PNG