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  1. Just a short reply to my query. Uninstalled & reinstalled the Dash 8 Q 400, and it now runs as expected. I put my problem about the Milviz 310R onto their forum. The answer was that I had selected the WX option along with the GTN 750/650 into the Add on Management System. Removed the WX option, and it now loads and runs as normal. Happy chappy !! Neil
  2. Just recently 2 of my payware aircraft have started exhibiting some strange behaviour. When I load the Dash 8 Q 400, the PFD1 is aligning continuously, the caution light keeps flashing, HYD Press & Quantity needles are flickering, and there is no oil pressure when the engines are running, plus numerous other lights etc are flashing. Nothing I do will stop it. My Milviz C310R will not load at all, and when I try, I just get a black screen, and the sim shuts down. All my other payware aircraft, PMDG 737NGX , Flight1 King Air B200 & my A2A C182 all behave as normal. Running W 10 64 bit and P3Dv4.4 Am at a loss as to why this is happening. Suppose I will have to uninstall these 2 particular models and try a reinstall. Neil
  3. I think the CEO of Qantas has gone just a little to much over the top
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