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  1. Ranga ( Oz colloquial slang for a redhead )
  2. Shouldn't have had those baked beans last night, talk about a clear out !!
  3. As I keep telling you, I will not fly on that, I insist on a Boeing !
  4. Not aviation related but what a beauty.
  5. CAT3508


    Reminds me of when I was a young lad, living in Cape Town, we used to wander around the local airfield, then used by SAAF, flying Harvards. Watched them many times. They have a very particular and noisy engine sound, especially on pitch change.
  6. Would love to meet you all, but unfortunately, it's a bit too far away !!
  7. Broken Arrow ( An accident involving nuclear weapons )
  8. Thank you both, for your answers. Logged into FS -Snaps, with no problem, and successfully uploaded the photos to Imgur. Cheers, Neil
  9. I know that FS Snaps is no longer in use, but as I have a few pictures installed in it, I would like to retrieve them. I can't seem to find a way to access it. If this is possible, would I be able to reinstall them into Imgur, for which I have an account. Thanks, Neil
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