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  1. Thanks all for the replies. Using P3Dv4 Cheers, Neil
  2. Have been admiring all the screenshots recently, but I can't seem to take one myself. My old XP comp. had a built in clipboard, W7 doesn't have one. Have tried copy and paste and that doesn't work either. Just how do you take them, and ultimately post them? Cheers, Neil
  3. Funny and depressing at the same time: https://www.flipsnack.com/opsgroup/a...T-RLxENTS6LvOo
  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for the answers, yes, it was obvious once I read it, must be old age creeping up. My flight planner does not recognise LGAT, so I've resorted to LGAV. Thanks for the effort and work that you have put into creating the rally, it must take up a fair bit of your time, but it is appreciated. Cheers, Neil
  5. Have just completed my test flight, and registered. Have looked through most of the requirements etc, but I see no mention of the speed requirements. Having been caught out in last years rally, which required G/S, instead of IAS, what is the speed required this year. Why has LGAT been picked as the start, instead of LGAV. LGAT is closed and not used anymore, and LGAV is now the official airport for Athens. Cheers, Neil
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