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  1. My Cousin Pauline emigrated to Canada immediately after WW2 to marry her Canadian soldier fiancé. They had a very happy life together in Ottawa and later in Penticton, British Columbia. Its just occurred to me that its such a bind trying to follow female family lines because once married the original names get lost. You never know. You could find yourself marrying a member of your own family! Just noticed you're a Navy fella. I was Army and served in Malaya during the insurrection in the early 50's. John
  2. JohnY

    Power Projects 4.2

    Got 'em all white now. Textures were missing in Global. John
  3. Hi Bob Many years back....perhaps 200 years or so, my family came south from Northamptonshire to London so there could be a connection somewhere. My great, great, great (or thereabouts) Grandfather was Sir David Garrick who built the Crystal Palace. From there it was all downhill and my nearest past relatives and me all lived in East London. All the best. John
  4. JohnY

    Power Projects 4.2

    Hi Brett, Is Ray still around? I'll try the re- download again first I think. Thanks. John
  5. JohnY

    Power Projects 4.2

    Hi Andrew, Yes I had it working perfectly and I think the feller you were referring to in the P3D forum was me! I've not so far found a solution to the black turbines and chimneys with my rebuilt 'puter so I'm still looking. John
  6. Goodness me. I'm so sorry. I completely missed these posts. I hope you chaps are still around. Yes Dai, I'm the same one from the Horizon forum. Actually, I am still using that scenery as a base for everything else that's gone over the top since! John
  7. JohnY

    Power Projects 4.2

    A hard disc on my computer broke. Instead of just replacing it the repairers decided to strip the contents and reinstall Microsoft Windows so I lost everything on my three discs! Thank goodness for backups! Anyway, the last item to replace I've had to put back is Power Projects 4.2. That's fine but the Wind Turbines and Chimneys are now black. I'm using P3Dv4.2. over photographic scenery. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can make them white again please? Many thanks. John
  8. Nice Pics Bob. Are we related? John York
  9. Some good news Ray. It took a while, weeks actually, but I took a short flight today from EGNJ Humberside to EGNV Durham Tees Valley and guess what? Steam was coming out of the chimneys! I haven't changed anything so what I don't understand is why the effects took so long to have an effect! P3D is a continual mystery to me. All the best. John
  10. First of all I can't see Power Projects working well with Orbx Scenery. Besides, I think Orbx has its own although I've yet to see any. Even if Power Project shows, it will be in the wrong place! Remember, Orbx is not a reliable or accurate representation of the actual scenery. It only provides a flavour of what a place looks like. Only photo scenery can give you sight of the actual scenery. Power Projects enhances it because it shows objects in the actual place which the photo scenery can't show or wasn't there when the pictures were originally taken - the wind turbines for example. To remove Power Projects is easy. Its an 'addon' so you can just delete it from the FSX or P3D scenery library, then go to the disc you've got it loaded on and delete it from there. And remember to delete the entries you made in the effects folder. To upgrade it. Do those things, then install the latest version. John PS - Sorry Ray, I could swear your post wasn't there when I started this message.
  11. What an emotive video of one of the many courageous parts, ladies participated in during the 2nd world war. I raise my hat to all of them. John
  12. Yes, files destined for them need careful placement. There are Textures in Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv2\texture and in Scenery\Global\texture. Goodness knows why they should be in two places but they are. Of course, there are texture files with every addon too, so it can all get a bit confusing. I don't know if anyone has ever tried an 'All In One' file for them? Would vertainly make it all a lot simpler. Despite all the care I took, I was missing a few texture files. I think actually I probably put them in the wrong location. Anyway, I'm now happy to say I've got millions of Pylons all over the place and all the Wind Turbines in white with their sales flapping around quite nicely, I've yet to see some Chimneys, but I expect they're there. Its just I haven't yet flown anywhere near their location. It all adds interest when low and slow flying over photographic scenery which can be a bit featureless at times. John
  13. My fault. I forgot I had set ASN Next to operate when the sim' started! Working fine now. John
  14. I've put Power Projects 4.2 on with P3D 2.5+ and sorry to report that the wind turbines are black. Obviously a texture problem. And I haven't seen a pylon or chimney yet. Having printed your installation instructions and worked to them carefully I'm sure I put it all in. I don't think P3D 2.5 likes stuff mucking about with its files! John
  15. I just got the latest ASN update and that blinking notice has appeared again! It never one thing but another with flight simming! John
  16. Yes, I think it will. Thanks for the explanation Ray. I'll now go ahead and put it on my new installation of P3D2.5+ It's never ending is it? I wonder there's time to fly!! John
  17. Yes I got it but after a new install, it disappeared. John
  18. Yes Christoper, but as I mentioned, I'm using P3D 2.5+ which is quite significantly different from 2.4 and seems to be quite sensitive to say the least. I just don't want the job of starting from scratch again. It takes forever to reinstall everything and franky, is so boring to do. By the way, what do I have to click to get a notification of replies? I can't find the button for it. John
  19. Has anyone tried Power Projects 4.2 in Lockheed Martin's P3D 2.5+? I'm a bit worried that some of the models are FS 9. If that is so, I understand they will cause real problems with P3D.. John
  20. My Traffic X doesn't work in P3D 2.5.....yet. Power Projects 4.2 works but the steam/smoke and wind turbines don't display. Any chance of doing something about that Ray? Apologies for the name mistake. My excuse is age and senility! John PS - Never, ever will I understand computers! After all this time mucking about, up have come, bold as brass, during a flight around EGNV Durhamn Tees valley a whole family of wind turbines all working perfectly, blades going round and no twinkling. What more could I ask? Well, perhaps 'why' but I doubt I would understand the answer! Smoke/steam that still doesn't appear though. Apart from that I can now say Power Projects 4.2 works well in P3D 2.5++ Have you been fiddling with my 'puter Ray to get this to work for me? If so, with these results you're welcome any time! John
  21. Dave Porter's Power Projects 4.2 works fine except the wind turbines don't display and neither do the steam/smoke effects. The pylons (millions of 'em) and chimneys are all there though. John
  22. Please someone put me out of my misery. Where can I download 4.1 from? John
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