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  1. This is a good example why the MEBAR is well above any of the other Rallies. The routes are not spoonfed, in the MEBAR one is forced to go to the basics of proper flight planning and to use proper maps and methods. Alan Lakein once said:
  2. Download this file and extract it (user_nav.dat) to your X-Plane 11/Custom Data folder. It will place the missing navaids in your X-Plane 11, but remember to delete this file after the MEBAR... you don't want 10-year-old navigational data hanging around in your X-Plane... X-Plane MEBAR2018 missing NavAids Johan van Wyk MEBAR001
  3. Yes, I also paused to take a screenshot, but It was at least on some sort of an apron in my scenery. There was also a hangar on his starboard side.
  4. I will be using my DC-3 Airways World Rally aircraft. It is a Heinz DC-3 in X-Plane, here I am taking it for a test flight close to my home in Pretoria, South Africa.
  5. Ok, I now see that you do post the Target Time in the results, so cancel my request. I was under the impression that we will never see the target time.
  6. Hi Joe, With indication I meant an indication in the result (Proficiency Rating). A +95.15% would mean that I was on the fast side, a -95.15% would mean I was on the slow side. As to my cruise/descent I can not do much except to plan to stay close to my average speed by calculating wind factor, etc. However, I do have an option of a few climb profiles, by knowing if I was slow or fast, I can choose another climb profile. We do spend a lot of time in the climb and the wrong profile can cost you in time. Dai, the only way to stay close to your target/average speed is to slow down or to speed up, that is why we do the wind triangle calculations. In normal flight, you would adjust your ETE's/ETA's and just fly close to your normal power profile/settings. Here, being a Rally, you have too adjust your power profile to try and maintain an average GS, thus you have to fly some legs with a higher IAS and some with a lower IAS. Or do I miss the point completely? Anyway, a big thank you to Andrew and Joe for putting this together and it is much appreciated! Johan
  7. I agree on the option to have no target times, but I would like to have an indication if I was ahead or behind the target time. A + or - sign would do the trick?
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