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  1. Onward79


    As that little German fellow used to say on the Roman and Martin Show...... V e r y interesting.
  2. Onward79


    Many thanks. On my way to view.
  3. Many thanks, old chap. You've given me plenty with which to kick off. A most pleasing way to kick off 2019.
  4. Emerging from the Brexit mists might I have a recommendation for a civil helicopter to add to my Steam hangar ? Many thanks.
  5. Onward79


    As always, many thanks to you all for your advice. I'll sit back and wait for that major break through that will eventually tempt me way from my Track I/R. Sorry, John that you were so disappointed.
  6. Onward79


    PS Here's a link to that clip should anyone be interested.
  7. Onward79


    Hmm. I suppose one is bound to get some conflicting, well meant advice. I was 'aroused' when watching a video by Frooglesim dated 31 May 2016 in which he displayed a great deal of enthusiasm for 'Fly Inside' using either Oculus or HTC with FSX and P3D. i thouigyht that it looked promising and I assume that it has been improved over the passing of time. As always, I thank you, chaps for taking the trime to considere your advice and inputting it. IF I do splash out I'll post further thoughts.
  8. Onward79


    I’m beginning to have some thoughts about switching away from my Track I/R and moving into Virtual Teality with either SE:FSX or X-Plane. I've yet to complete the former's Missions but II realise that X-Plane has the better graphics, the choice of which leaves me undecided. i have a few pennies to spare and, having seen a sooner-dooper rig recently it looked very interesting. I realise that I'll have to upgrade my own rig somewhat but hey! one comes this way but once. i'd be delighted to have your thoughts, gentlemen. Thank you.
  9. Onward79

    Function keys

    Thanks, Tim. Cracked it now and all is peace and light once more.
  10. Thank you, gentlemen. It's very satisfying to be gliding through my eighties. I feel 'maturity' lies just around the corner.
  11. Onward79

    Function keys

    I have a Mk 710 wireless Logitech keyboard that sports F keys across its uppermost key layout, running from F1 to F12. Is there a way in which I can cancel each of its individual functions beyond 'Do nothing' to being able to employ each F key within the SE: FSX key settings? I'drather use them there than in instant connections with chosen websites. Thanks.
  12. Onward79

    Steam drama

    A little more. Are there any users of FSUIPC.4 out there who can offer advice on setting flap détents? I have studied the manual but remain baffled. Phew !
  13. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Thanks, Wain. Onward and Upward once more.
  14. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Right....having dabbled with FSUIPC I have laid it aside to concentrate on solving the total lack of response from my Saitek X52 Pro stick. I took a very deep breath and uninstalled, then reinstalled, SE: FSX. Now everything is working tickety-boo. Praise be! Thanks for all your suggestions, fellows. Yippeee.
  15. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Pages 46 through to 56+, Joe. That's taken care of the afternoon!
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