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  1. Onward79

    Function keys

    Thanks, Tim. Cracked it now and all is peace and light once more.
  2. Thank you, gentlemen. It's very satisfying to be gliding through my eighties. I feel 'maturity' lies just around the corner.
  3. Onward79

    Function keys

    I have a Mk 710 wireless Logitech keyboard that sports F keys across its uppermost key layout, running from F1 to F12. Is there a way in which I can cancel each of its individual functions beyond 'Do nothing' to being able to employ each F key within the SE: FSX key settings? I'drather use them there than in instant connections with chosen websites. Thanks.
  4. Onward79

    Steam drama

    A little more. Are there any users of FSUIPC.4 out there who can offer advice on setting flap détents? I have studied the manual but remain baffled. Phew !
  5. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Thanks, Wain. Onward and Upward once more.
  6. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Right....having dabbled with FSUIPC I have laid it aside to concentrate on solving the total lack of response from my Saitek X52 Pro stick. I took a very deep breath and uninstalled, then reinstalled, SE: FSX. Now everything is working tickety-boo. Praise be! Thanks for all your suggestions, fellows. Yippeee.
  7. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Pages 46 through to 56+, Joe. That's taken care of the afternoon!
  8. Onward79

    Steam drama

    So that's the next job!
  9. Onward79

    Steam drama

    I doff my hat to you, Joe. You aren't just a handsome chap after all. The villain was that 'fsuipc.dll' file after all. Everything now appears to be all sweetness and light. Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah. I feel five years younger!
  10. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Thank you, Joe. More to investigate in the morning. i appreciate your comment, Wain. There has been a spell of teeth being gnashed. Tomorrow, the struggle will be renewed.
  11. Onward79

    Steam drama

    I suspect that we have moved a step closer to that uninstall/reinstall plan. Joe. I am most grateful for the time you are taking here in helping me.
  12. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Grr. I followed to the letter but it didn't rebuild that file after rebooting both the PC and then the Sim. What next, Joe? Perhaps I should add that I paid for, and installed recently, that FSUIPC programme and followed its recommendations for setting up button and key assignments. Remove it?
  13. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Exactly so, my sunburnt advisor. My gremlin problem is the failure of my Saitek X52 Pro failing completely to send any instructions to SE: FSX. The stick is functioning perfectly according to its Control panel. I can select an aircraft from the list and place it on any airfield of my choice. That's no problem. Seated, looking at the instrument panel, there's no indication that the engine is running even though an external view shows that it is. Furthermore, if I use my stick to increase the throttle there is no response on the instruments.. I feel that I need to uninstall/reinstall SE: FSX. do let me have your thoughts. Thanks for getting back to me, Joe.
  14. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Just checked out the stick's Control Panel reaction and all was perfect so it doesn't appear to be the stick. Hmm. Do I need to uninstall/reinstall SE: FSX?
  15. Onward79

    Steam drama

    Tribulation with SE: FSX. Recently I reinstalled the EMB 500 Phenom 300 and the Navigraph Pack. I had removed it some time ago in order to free up some hard drive space. The gremlins struck immediately. In an attempt to improve things, I promptly removed both of them but to no avail. Now, whilst I can select can still select an aircraft and place it at an airfield of my choosing, and the starting point I want, I cannot get any input for the engines at all. Meanwhile, Track I?R works perfectly. So, what's the problem? Seems to be between my Saitek X52 Pro and the rest of the world. Any thoughts or commiserations?