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  1. I have taken precautions with the re-install now my licence is sorted a full clean install using the win10 OS option to wipe all files on the c:/OS only Drive has been completed and prepar3d installed / activated. before the licence failed no other hardware changes have been made before or after the update to Win 10 maybe I was just unlucky that my swap over of my P3d licence a couple of times from my test PC to my sim pc used up the limited activations and the OS change was the last straw leaving no activations remaining For people like myself who regularly upgrade their sim hardware it's really a pain when publishers use this type of licence protection quoted from the LM FAQ Depending on the license you have, it is likely that you have reached the limited number of activations for your specific license. While the licensing software does recognize that the installs are being done on the same computer, if enough of the computer’s information changes (operating system, external hardware, graphics cards, etc.), it will flag your setup as a different computer. If you need an additional activation, because of a hardware change or you are moving the license to a new computer, please e-mail licensing@prepar3d.com with a very brief explanation of the reason you need your license reactivated, along with your license ID and invoice number, and we will be happy to get you squared away in under two business days. Thankfully my insider testing of the current sims under win 10 has now ended.... so there really shouldn't be any need to re-use my activation licence forcawhile barring a PC meltdown ....lol
  2. just a heads up really I was caught out by this after I installed the upgrade Prepar3d sees the upgrade to win 10 as a significant change to a new PC and the activation licence test fails if you have not uninstalled P3d first. The stupid thing is I did not have p3d installed before the update, I was aware of the licence term and did an un-install first. my p3d was added after the win update using the correct licence details and it worked for several days before it failed I contacted LM and to day they sent me confirmation of new licence details but I had no P3d for three days over a weekend ( they don't do licence resets over weekends) their automated E-mail has a link to their faq and a reminder of the need to uninstall on a major hardware change, I laughed out loud when I saw it in my inbox ........! The bottom line : If you decide to upgrade to win 10, you must uninstall P3d first to reset the licence ready to re-activate it on your "new" pc but, as in my case, it's still no guarantee, it might fail anyway requiring new licence details from LM.
  3. update 2 the last couple of days I have been trying to run the win10 update on my old win7 laptop but there has been failure after failure to install when I tried to run it manually from win update. I put this down to overloaded MS servers then to-day the popup appeared telling me my reserved update was ready would I like to proceed Okay , let's do it. The laptop has an intel core duo cpu 2.1 ghz speed, 4 gb of ram a sata 2 hdd and a mediocre nvdia 9200m gpu that shares system ram, nothing special but more than adequate for general browsing and running microsoft excel spreadsheets and word processing right from the start it was obvious this was going to be a long long install - the required 2 and a bit gigs of files had already been downloaded so I am commenting on the actual install After about 90 mins it finally bootup to desktop and apologised for the delay in completing the finishing touches to the app setup stating it was taking a bit longer than normal first impression on finally reaching the desktop, yikes, it was really slow to open and run apps, not good at all. The cure was a hard drive defrag and a couple of reboots plus running of some apps now it has really started to fly very much on a par with win8.1 the boot time from power on to desktop also power off to full shutdown is on a par with 8.1 and way way faster than win 7.1 I have retained windows live mail and google chrome both apps have so far run very well on win 10 as does ms Office 2007 Overall I am very impressed by the performance of this OS on a very average spec laptop. regards
  4. watched the additional videos on their website - Wow ! it looks fantastic, love the walkaround feature and the price is very good too. definitely a plane I want to add to my hanger for xplane
  5. update So to-day it was time to update my second pc that runs my various sim utilities over a network I also use it for E-mail anti virus etc as soon as I started the pc there was a popup screen asking me if I wanted to proceed with the win 10 update I deferred the update previously, you get a choice of three dates, but i think you can continue deferring for a couple of days on a regular basis. The actual update from windows 7 home was straighforward with no issues, it was followed by several updates including a graphics driver update - the pc uses an nvidia gtx 670 card. My E mail app on win 7 was windows live and win 10 did not interfere with it I did have to re-install my anti virus Kaspersky labs complete protection but my settings etc and licence activation did not require re-input so far everything is working as it should.
  6. Thanks for fixing my pics. Joe , much appreciated I also have a laptop that is about 4 years old and rarely used, I plan updating it also - i will post my experience with it, should be interesting My second sim pc that runs my sim utilities has the update dowloaded but I chose to defer the install. cheekily microsoft request that you input a date and time for the install to run automatically. Now that's not acceptable in my book in my case I will update to-morrow but for others if you think you will dowload it and defer install be aware of this . otherwise don't go near downloading it ! Pete
  7. Hi all So here we are day One of the Windows 10 rollout. My first upgraded Pc was using Windows 7 Ultimate and has been upgraded to windowd 10 pro The good it went smoothly and took around 20 minutes to upgrade (quite a bit longer to download the 3 GB necessary - with my average broadband - 12gbs - about 1.5 hours) So far Flight Simulator X Gold and prepar3d V2 previously installed - seem to be working well as I expected, I have been using win 10 for a while now The bad The language pack for English UK had to be installed as it seems to default to United states- The nvidia driver for my GTX980s was removed so the Pc starts with a generic driver The windows 10 update conflicts with nvidia Geforce updates - so I had to turn the Nvida update OFF The upgrade did not recognise the additional SATA card I have installed but the connected internal SSD drives were listed OK in my computer listing - win 10 accepted my win7/8 driver for the card with no issues There is a time limit on rolling back to a previous version of windows - you get a month there is no product key and I am not currently using a microsoft account on this Pc - The method of doing a clean install is currently - Upgrade first - check it is activated - then select the recovery option - reset this PC with or without personal files saved I'm still having problems with the windows 10 edge web browser (plus everything under the sun supposedly) so I can only link to images not display them in the post sorry - I hope they work Pete ​
  8. I have no doubt microsoft have world domination in their agenda - and yes it is annoying that you lose control over updates You can disable the get win 10 app - if you don't I expect there will be pop ups regularly asking you to update - if you wish to disable GWX here is what you need to know http://www.askvg.com/how-to-remove-get-windows-10-app-and-its-icon-from-taskbar/
  9. I can confirm that the new OS has no opt out for individual updates, I am using the current RTM version New updates etc are currently tested via the 5 million insider users, MS are encouraging a percentage of those insiders to continue in the program to test further updates and developments, myself included, that is a new model for Microsoft. If the feedback MS receives regards the auto update is sufficiently negative it is my experience that MS respond quickly if the issue requires attention. Windows 10 will never be " finished " that is not how MS see this OS going forward it will always be in continious develpment Pete Edit. the link in previous post mentions possible incompatibilites with dx 9 etc this has NOT been my experience i have been running FSX box Fsx steam prepar3d v2 with a load of old and new addons continiously for over 6 months and never experienced any compatibility issues with dx9 dx10 or dx 11 I have read posts on several forums where others have the same experience but ofvcourse it isn't possible to guarantee this for every combination of hardware/software now in PCs I personally have no worries or concerns with regard to windows 10 as a platform for the currently available flight sims
  10. Just a quick update - I have installed a fresh copy of P3d v2.5.12946.0 using the full download/installer on a win 7.1 test setup plus EZDOK 1.1.86 (With 4/2015 Variables.ini file) - I have not tested world camera as I don't use it myself FSUIPC latest version 4.939V (v4.939u with updated dll file) TRackIR5 Active Sky next Build 5666 - no problems with controlling ambient weather etc Pmdg 737ngx aircraft base only all are working together, I will test for a while over weekend and if happy will consider updating my Main sim to this version- re-installs as required. Pete
  11. Thanks All for the welcome, since joining I have been somewhat distracted by other projects but keen to join in Hi John G I first started flying Yak planes when playing the IL2 Sturmovik series of games, Yakolev aircraft are very much unsung heroes of WW II - I think I like them as they are quirky and I really like oddball aircraft sadly I dropped flying them in FS2004 when FSX was released and only have a couple of GA planes that I fly occasionally. These days I really like the work by Dino Cattaneo I have his freeware Military aircraft in FSX and P3d and made a donation to him as they are definitely worth it, they aren't study level aircraft but beautifully rendered and have enough systems to keep you occupied, some are tacpak compatible The default F35A AF-9 aircraft in Prepar3d is by Dino. Link to site ​
  12. Lockheed Martin have released another hotfix for Prepar3d It is primarily aimed at those using Sim director but there is also a fix for wake issues with aircraft carriers within the sim details of the content SimDirector – numerous fixes made to correct crashes and loading visualizations SimConnect_WeatherRequestCloudState – now correctly returns the proper values in a SIMCONNECT_RECV_CLOUD_STATE structure Attached floating objects – corrected rendering library objects in a wrong location in relation to the boat veh_carrier01_high_detail_sm SimObjectr Caveat from LM Please be aware, if any third party software modified any of the dlls included in the hotfix, you will need to reinstall their content/add-on. Those developers might need to release an update for their products to be compatible with this hotfix. Please contact them directly for any compatibility questions. Additionally, when using this hotfix, any Prepar3D repair or reinstallation will need the hotfix reapplied. software publishers should sort these out relatively quickly (some already have) My personal experience with hotfixes is not good, it often results in a broken sim. I prefer to download the updated full installer but of course this then requires re-installing of all software add-ons as well I will not be installing this hotfix as I am not concerned by the issues it fixes Pete
  13. Hi everyone, Another regular from frooglesim (Yakdownpete) hopping over the fence to join your Mutley crew. A retired scot and dedicated simme. I like all types of sim aircraft, my favourite aviation designer, Alexander yakovlev designed some interesting aircraft hence my handle yakpilot56 - Although the yak-56 never actually flew I enjoy helicopter flying in X plane 10 and use Fsx Steam / Prepar3d V2.5 regularly for GA flying and the big stuff Favourite Operating system Windows 10, in testing it has provided a terrific platform for simulation Looking forward to contributing to the forum on a regular basis on sim based hardware/tech and software Pete
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    +1 thanks Joe As the other half of the conversation I appreciate the time you spent
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