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  1. I suppose the developers licence can be used as a try before you buy option while you develop you PC hardware to use it. Before paying for a full licence $60 / $200 is a lot of money to throw at something only to find your system won't run it or you don't like it.
  2. Those Struts to me suggest some type of crop duster
  3. Well done Alan look forward to the next one And here she is B-45 Tornado in all her glory.
  4. Correct John, Beginning to thing I should of posted a picture of the main gear tyre tread pattern instead of the tip tank All that remains now is for Alan or John to name the aircraft. Who will be first to do the honours ?
  5. Cheers Brett, Here goes then Just a tease to start as the whole aircraft would be to easy. the tip tank with the dorsal fin is your clue .
  6. Sorry just realized the rules of the game. Some can take my place while I try and work out how to add a picture lol
  7. No problem Michael share more if you wish. Nice work it looks really good. First time I've seen any scenery which show's the bay at low tide which is how I see it most of the time for real. Is FSearth Tiles global or just UK area ?
  8. Now we come to the final addons Now we've added OrbX Trees and that's your lot for Orbx apart from New Zealand,Australia and Norway. I then decide for comparison to install Horizons VFR Photo Scenery. Followed by Prepar3D with all the above OrbX and REX texture direct 4HD /Softclouds installed. as you see some of the difference's are quite small where others make a significant change. Decide for FSX that I would use the VFR photo Scenery along with UK2000 airfields. While keeping the OrbX scenery for Prepar3D to have the best of both worlds. Rgds Paul
  9. After more downloads we install the next set of scenery. Now we have installed Pilots Global 2010 however forgot to apply DX10 Fixer after installing new scenery as can be seen Next was OrbX Land Class Europe still got a beach on a hill. Starting to look a lot better now and the hill is now a hill again.
  10. Seeing As I had to do a fresh install of FSX I thought I would Share the Install process from default to final scenery install. Default showing Fleetwood and Walney Island. Fleetwood , Walney Island and Barrow EGNL with OrbX Global (DX10 fixer not applied). (Not Pilots FTX Global) OrbX Global plus DX10 Fixer applied cured the Black squares which some trees appeared like above. Now we add OrbX Vectors which appears to have turned the hillside into a beach !
  11. Tupolev TU-12 Russia's first jet bomber
  12. Excellent flight again and the Sunday music working a treat.
  13. Must of moved it while I was watching it Another nice flight can't wait for the next I've started downloading X-plane addons now as you make it look so damn good. Time to start firing up X-Plane again
  14. Nice Video are you going to continue the whole trip? Be nice to compare to Sabre's . What addon's are you using in X-Plane? Never used X-Plane much as I'm so use to using FSX it felt strange trying to adapt to the way X-Plane works, I kept using it as if I was in FSX. Rgds Paul
  15. Thanks for the info all however after suffering a internal hard drive failure I pulled out the external backup drive only to have that fail as well. Don't tell the Mrs cause the wedding photos were on that as well . So it looks like for the next couple of weeks I'll be downloading and trying to remember what I need to download . PS Hlminx nice bike can't go wrong with a Blackbird though the wife said I need to sell mine Rgds Paul
  16. I believe they are bring out TacPac for Tornado so you can go and blow stuff up, air to ground or air to air just like you can with the VRS Superbug (F18)
  17. Sure I read somewhere but for the life of me can't remember where (perils of getting old) but there is a certain order to installing OrbX and REX etc. I have as follows :- Orbx FTX Global Orbx FTX Vectors Orbx LC Europe Orbx FTX Trees HD Orbx England,Wales,Scotland,Nth/Sth Ireland. Orbx Norway REX4 Texture Direct REX Softclouds Pilot's Global FTX 2010 Active Sky Next If there is a certain method of installing these could someone enlighten me please as to that order ! It would be much appreciated as I have to do a full install due to harddrive failure and would like to get it right. Or the altzeimers is getting worse and I imagined it all Best Rgds Paul and Thank you
  18. And so the saga continues nice shots as usual, have you been having lesson's of No111_Larry ? Can't wait for the next leg. Will be interesting to see which way you go next. PS how's the Comanche is she worth getting ?
  19. Nice shots there Sabre can't wait for the next leg. Are you going to continue in the C182 or are you going to switch to the Comanche ? Got new hard drive now time to download everything and install so I can get in the air myself.
  20. Nice shots there Graeme, Look forward to the rest of your adventure. For your next leg are you doing the route we talked about earlier this week? When you get to the west coast make Blackpool (EGNH) a port of call for a badgers with you wingman Red 3 Ninja. See you in the air Paul
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