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  1. The is is an interesting video - very professional, calm comparison of 2.5 vs 3. However for some the most interesting part may be the description of FSCubed - it was new one on me. Apparently this new tool takes a snap shot of 2.5 works out which addons need to be in the new separated folder structure, builds those folders in V3 and restores the addons into those folders and voila all works perfectly (with a couple of exceptions as explained). I said it might be useful to some but not to me as unfortunately I had deleted 2.5 prior to finding out about this tool.....doh regards Peter
  2. Offer is open here to. I live near Macclesfield. Cheers Peter.
  3. Yes - especially if the current chatter about the VAS tuning turns out to be correct - i.e can run at nearly full settings with weather and it is apparently fast, smooth and does't OOM. That will also make probaby make it a very good platform for Oculus Rift. cheers Peter
  4. Of course for those short of space Occulus Rift may be a very good option in the future. It is now my preferred way of simming. Took up the default 737 today - it was fabulous and easy to set up VORs and use the autopilot knobs and switches. Not normally my thing but it was fantastic. cheers Peter
  5. Hi James - this is how I do it. Got the stands from Amazon. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbqvcuihg68utft/photo%2025-07-2015%2011%2022%2030.jpg?dl=0 cheers Peter
  6. Just popped up from nowhere. Looks pretty comprehensive. Have to give it a go. http://www.airfoillabs.com cheers Peter
  7. Mine are still showing 1080. cheers Peter
  8. Thank you for that review - very informative indeed and the warnings are very much appreciated. cheers Peter
  9. Dan Church the developer just issued an update. He shows how you can use desktop apps inside the VC without the need to remove the headset (e.g. chart look ups), also the ATC window can be used now. All this can be manipulated either through the mouse or you own hands using leap motion. Not yet showing manipulation of knobs and switches. cheers Peter
  10. Kyle is one of the PMDG team I think. As far as I know up to now he has been a FSX/P3D so the first part is him expressing some informal views on X Plane. Not a lot given away in this video as it is a beta version of the aircraft. But I hope you enjoy anyway. cheers Peter
  11. Daniel at FlyInside is working now on the Leap Motion option. Obviously the technology has a long way to go but the aim is to be able to manipulate the buttons and knobs in the VC with your hands usiing virtual reality. This will give you a glimpse of how it might work. cheers Peter
  12. Thought I would do a quick up date on this. I set up in none Orbx detail region territory (other than Global Base) and flew out of LOWI. By moving to a nearly default area I was able to ramp up the the Rift to the highest resolution from within the FlyInside settings. The same with the antialiasing - ramped up to Ultra. The other thing I did was learn how to reposition myself (being an XPlaner I did not know the ctl and shift commands in FSX). So with perfect positioning and a huge reduction in shimmering and screendooring, the experience was taken to another level. Flying up to 10000' into the A2A Cherokee over the snow ridges of the Alps and then experiencing the vast valleys open up below is a truly magnificent feeling - I was alone in the room saying 'wow!' and 'awesome' out loud - thinking "I am 55 what am I doing?" Whilst I have been very impressed in my flightsim world (triple monitors and TIR), I have never been so utterly wowed by any experience in a home flight sim before - and actually in terms of visual out of the window not even the professional motion airline training sims. When this has matured I really believe it will change our hobby for good. Hopefully there will be a chance to experience one at Cosford for those of you that are going. If there is I would encourage you to try it out. cheers Peter
  13. I never had FSX on my PC, but I do have P3D. I have not had any issues with the download of FSX:SE - so no conflicts with the other MS based sim. It runs completely smoothly and at high frames rates without any tweaking (I believe Dovetail have applied a lot of the common tweaks as standard) - I must say I am very impressed. It runs as well and as smoothly as X-Plane, which came as somewhat of a surpise to me considering the issues I am having getting P3D to run smoothly. So very much giving FSX:SE most of the airtime at the moment - so much so I now run it with Oculus Rift in 3D and loving every moment. cheers Peter.
  14. Mind Blowing.........but don't hang up your TIR just yet. Without trying one for yourself it is difficult to describe what I saw. It certainly is not perfect. In fact it is far from perfect. Everything shimmers. There are no sharly defined lines. But.......... I cannot go back to the flat screen. The immersion factor from the perspective of a feeling of vastness, depth, height, movement (my stomarch lurched on occasion), speed (particlulary on approach or low passes - it is jaw dropping. FSX is not renowned for volumetric clouds - but you get them - don't know why, dont know how - but they also feel real size - they are massive. I set up a thunderstorm over San Francisco using the preset. It was amazing. I was in the A2A Cherokee. It was being thrown around a tad - but it felt so real (apart from me not physically moving). But it plays tricks with your mind - phenomenal ones. A break in the clouds and you bank and look down through this hole in clouds and you feel like you are 4000' up. The ability to judge distance and height is uncanny. And flying above a layer of cloud with the sunset is stunning - you just want to keep flying toward the sun. You do not want to stop what you are doing.........it is mesmorising. But don't rush out and but one yet unless you are happy to compromise on the quality of the visual - but if you are just too curious for your own good (as I am) then I don't think you will be disappointed - but you have been warned - it is far from perfect. The headsets are development kits right now and pushing up the resolution with any decent amount of detail will give you an OOM in seconds (remember although the resolution might not seem that high it has to push out two slightly different images - half on each side of the screen) for the 3D experience. Then there is the issue of the pixilation. If you go to this link and set it to 1080 - that is sort of what you see - except that in the moving scenario all those pixels cause the shilmmering and lack of sharpness. I say that is all you see but I must emphasis that you also see this vast 3D world which feels real size, which unless you experience it it is so hard to imagine. http://vr.mkeblx.net/oculus-sim/ The consumer model (which is CV1 in the demo) will reduce this pixellation considerably. For basic point to point GA flying where you know where you are and you know where you want to go it is completely workable assuming you can do it by VFR and don't need to programme the GPS or play around with the radio nav too much (although you can lean forward just as in RL and twiddle those knobs quite accurately). For anything more complex it will take a lot of refining. But for me with this amazing piece of kit and the amazing work that this chap is doing to bring us Virtual Reality to the flight sim world https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1232710074/flyinside-fsx?ref=hero_thanksI just want to fly around the world in my virtual bubble. Oh and one other thing - the system uses something called Timewarp - and basically if the screen in the headset is refreshing at at least 75fps then it has a way of guessing and merging any delayed frames from the sim itself. I had quite heavy settings over San Fran and the FSX framerate was dropping into the low teens from time to time, with the load of the object settings and a thunderstorm. But Timewarp did its job and the fight model stayed a fluid and smooth as oil I think that this is the start of something very big for the flightsim hobby - I could be wrong but based on this early evolution it looks immensely promising. cheers Peter
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