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  1. Hi Andrew, Nice analysis of leg 1. I didn't expect someone/anyone to be doing sightseeing between sectors but after thinking about it looks like the way to go... (I might just try something like this for a change of pace...) Being the PIC I guess it is all okay as long as you get to the targets on the allotted time. Look forward to the rally every year. Keep'em flying... Gunk
  2. gunk

    A-26 Invader

    Good subject.... Flew in this plane in Korea in 1952-53 and just can't say enough about how good is was/is... Thanks for the screens. Gunk
  3. Those gauges mentioned look good and I will try the SALS... I also use the NEWGPS v6 and it has most everything talked about above except the icing and SALS. For the NEWGPS just do a search for gps6.zip. This gauge is a popup and can be used in addition to the default gps 500 or as a replacement. Thanks to the MEBAR crew for a fine rally again this year. Gunk
  4. Yes it is a fine looking airplane. I was a boom-operator on the G model in 1953-55 and the KB-29 prior to getting the KC-97s. Before the added jet engines our refueling of the B-47s, and other fighter jets, were done while in a steady descent during connect. For me that was some close formation flying. Those "jet jockeys" were really good flyers. The only thing missing is the diagonal SAC stripe around the fuselage. Thanks for the pics... brings back memories.
  5. Hi All Always interested in a good flight ... Flew you Flight Plan #17 Arusha to Kilimanjaro and return to HTKJ. I only had default FSX scenery but that might be good for a comparison. Here are some pics for easy viewing. For Information only: The flight plan loaded fine in Plan G and was okay in FSX the first few waypoints then it took off to who knows where. Will check it to see if I can find the problem... Thanks Tim A. for the Flight Plans and look for future routes in the soon. Sim Buddy, Gunk/Wayne
  6. Hey Dai, If you still need testers... count me in. Sim Buddy, Gunk
  7. UK2000, when releasing their VFR Airfields series in three volumes for FSX also made available three free Demos to promote them. Each demo contains a subset of the airfields in the payware package and each airfield in the demos contains some of the features of the full package. Despite containing less than the entire set of payware features, this is pretty spectacular scenery. The free demos are available in three separate downloads at… http://www.uk2000scenery.com/vfrairfields/index.html Since everyone has access to the DEMO files for VFR2000 Scenery I thought it might be helpful if there were flight plans that would encompass all of the airfields in each of the three DEMO packages. I’ve assembled tour packages for both FSX and FS9, but of course the UK2000 demo scenery packages are FSX only. FS9 users may load and fly these routes and I’ve provided what’s needed to do that, but they will only see default FS9 airports unless they have other add-on scenery installed. Nonetheless, these are interesting, enjoyable and scenic tours. Regardless of which version of the sim you fly, you should enjoy the trips. If you’re in FSX and have the UK2000 Demo scenery, prepare to be dazzled. I have developed flight plans FSj9 and FSX for each UK2000 DEMO airports. The goal was to keep the route time below two hours for each flight plan. Depending on the plane chosen I was able to accomplish that and come up with the following Tour packages: Demo #1 VFR2000 - Denham to Bodmin Demo #2 VFR2000 - Welshpool to Shipdham Demo #3 VFR2000 - Skegness to Warton While assembling this it occurred to me that John Allard’s work on Airfield Charts would add something by having pertinent data for each airfield easily available to provide navigational information and to support touch-&-goes or full stop landings and taxi tours for a look-see at the UK2000 eye candy, if desired. John accepted the task of generating airfield charts for each of the Tours where he didn’t already have them and provided a full set. I’ve included them in pdf files within each Demo Tour. Some were custom-made to the UK2000 version of the airports and some are based on stock FS data. The main difference will be in the display of buildings on the chart – all else should be perfectly valid and accurate. The completed package for each flight plan contains a Plan G screenshot of the route; screenshots of the airports in FS9 and FSX; the airport charts; and, the associated flight plan files. The intent is to fly each of the routes from start to finish, with optional T&Gs or exploratory full stop landings at the UK2000-enhanced fields. An option for those with limited time for flying would be to start a flight plan and after landing en-route, save the flight so it could be continued at a later date. Download and unzip the Demo Sceneries from the UK2000 site (link above) and the Tour packages, which are in pdf format from Mutley’s Hanger. Install the demo scenery packages per the UK2000 instructions within each. Copy and paste, or move, the flight plan files to the proper locations – to your […\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files] or […\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files] folders, as appropriate. A minor change had to be made for the FS9 route in Demo #3 as some airports are only available in FSX and FS9 requires the flight plan to begin at an airport so I added an airport near to the first waypoint which only changes the flight time by about five minutes. You are now ready to take a leisurely flight enjoying the scenery. If you have problems, or questions, please let me know. Here a sampling of some of the airfields/AI and buildings... Can you find the DC-3?
  8. Here is an easy way to convert FS9 to FSX or FSX to FS9 and it is a fine freeware program called Plan-G. You can generate a flight plan in Plan G and the save it to either FS9 or FSX. I prefer to generate the plan if Plan G as you can specify waypoints and even add User Airports/NDB/VOR etc(I have only used the User Airport function but I am sure the other options are there. Another advantage is that Plan G can be running along with FS9 or FSX and if you have a second screen you rarely have to go back to the primary screen. Just Google Plan G, download, install and enjoy. Gunk
  9. It does work but make sure when you save the gauges file you save the Digital Folder that contains the guage. The rest of the directions are pretty straight forward. I, and some of my other sim buddies have had succes except for the default Beech Baron... Hope this helps, Gunk
  10. The problem was I was trying to run the program WITHOUT putting the files in my FLIGHT SIMULATOR X FILES folder. After I unzipped the files I then moved (copy/pasted) them in the correct location and then when I clicked on the .FLT file everything worked fine. Sorry you had the problem but I hope this fixes it for you. Gunk
  11. HI am leaving EGKK in my Dornier Seastar after my timing test ... Glad you allowed turbo props as this one is a jewel... Gunk
  12. I downloaded the files for FSX and tried to extract them... This worked okay... When I try to load leg 1 it says it has launched FSX and it FSX goes thru the motions... BUT FSX screens never appear. Trying to start FSX from the shortcut states that FSX is already running. When I try to open the MEBAR 2011-Flight leg 1 (FLT) file get an error stating that the file is corrupt or was part of an e-mail attachment... which it was not. Tried this twice with the same results. Ther error message also states that it is not a supported file type or it haas been damaged. I ususlly download .flt and .pln files witout a problem.. What do I have to do to use these files. Wayne/gunk P.S. I did not try to do anything with the WX files Disregard ALL of the above.. The problem was between my EARS... Gunk
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