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  1. I have X-Plane 10, is it worth switching to 11?? Thanks
  2. Thank you both for your opinions. I'm running windows 7 pro x64, is windows 10 pro x64 any better for gamming? I'm not sure if FSX-SE can take advantage of DX 12.....I did try DX10. Thanks
  3. I've been using ultimate traffic 2 for years and was wondering what others are using. I've read the reviews here and just what to upgrade. Should I stay with UT2 or go with Traffic 360 or My Traffic 6 or..... Thanks for your opinions and suggestions.
  4. Still no new info on how to fix the smartassembly error? I tried downloading the vista version and placing it in the main fsx folder, no help
  5. Hi I got it to work but I'm back on windows 7 pro. Not I have a stupid smartassembly required error message........
  6. Has anyone installed FSX SE in windows 8.1 yet? I installed it to C:\steam with fsx inside (no choice) and just wondering where to install my add-ons to. Thanks
  7. I found this you tube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v/+khBmOtRcSIQ
  8. Dumb question here, but how can I start FSX SP2 box in a cold and dark situation? Is there a FSX overall config file so all aircraft does this? I bought Captian Sim 777-200 and when I start at a gate or parking space, it open to the flight deck with throttle at 100% Their two bit tech support says it's a problem with FSX not them...........CS tells me to load one of their pre flights which is either one on a runway going??? or one where I'm in the cabin (with-out the stewardess) Thanks
  9. Well guys thanks for reading my post but I found the issue. In FSX under settings then the general tab, there was a check in the "pause on task" box. I unchecked it and finally it works!..........For now. Thanks again for your time.
  10. Hello. I just bought EZDok 1.15 and I installed update 1.17 and 1.85 beta. The problem I'm having is (and it happened in all 3 versions) is when FSX SP2 box edition starts in VC mode and I open EZDok, FSX pauses and I can't un pause it unless I close EZDok. I reconfigured all the keyboard commands and I can move around in the camera view while paused but no one seems to know how to fix this weird problem. Has anyone had this before? Is there a config file to change? I tried posting this on several boards and in several youtube EZDok videos but no one can figure it out including those who made EZDok, or at least they're not answering my tech support question in over a month....I am running it in Admin mode. Thanks
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