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  1. too bad nobody bothers to leave any messages.. But I like your shots, being a big fan of photoreal scenery
  2. jankees

    piano keys

    I've always liked the piano keys nose markings of the 20th Fighter Group 2020-6-13_17-51-19-932 2020-6-13_17-48-54-387 2020-6-13_17-52-43-388 2020-6-13_17-46-18-677 2020-6-13_17-46-59-778
  3. she's not pretty... 2020-5-28_21-32-58-888 2020-5-31_9-26-41-151 two paints for Manfred Jahn's Beverley
  4. not sure what happened at avsim, but they are also on sim-outhouse jk2365 jk2689 jk2373 jk6537
  5. More cool scenery. Why doesn't anyone post a reply?
  6. I just love photoreal scenery, great stuff
  7. Nice shots and scenery
  8. Beautyful shots, love the scenery
  9. jankees

    a Cat in WA

    Ha, with the current pandemic, my wife is now working from home, in a room where there is a 1/48 model hanging from the ceiling. But she does not complain, it reminds her of her daughter.
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