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  1. Roy Chaffin gave me permission to do repaints for his B-25, so here are two I did a while ago jk4721 jk4725 And I'm working on a new one: jk0689 jk0698
  2. jk0677 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
  3. jankees


    the new scenery by Godzone jk0616 jk0621 jk0638 jk0645 jk0664 jk0660
  4. jk0737
  5. jankees

    In the Navy

    you can sail the seven seas or fly over them, nice shot, cool paintjob
  6. For the Milviz Porter, beautiful model, but quite a challenge to paint porter011 porter008 jk4092 jk4096
  7. I painted a few more DC-4's / C-54's: TAA: jk0644 jk0648 French Navy: jk0683 jk0679 US Navy transport: jk0693 jk0704
  8. one more Invader, Tom Swift's Flying Machine: jk0661 jk0659
  9. jk0684 jk0682 jk0683 jk0680 jk0673
  10. jk0657 jk0658 jk0660
  11. jankees

    TAA DC-4

    jk0630 jk0635 jk0636 jk0643 jk0644 jk0648
  12. that is what Australia has quite a bit of..
  13. Excellent shots! This is xp11, right?
  14. jankees

    More C337 Shots

    Ooh, nice shots!
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