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  1. jankees

    Black Widow

    jk4061 jk4060 jk4059 jk4047
  2. ss5113 looking for trouble, high over the Dutch coast
  3. ss11437 as high as it would go, with full afterburner, somewhere around 45000 ft
  4. I don't go that high very often, but here's a few shots 727 TAA Central Australia somewhere high (30.000 ft) over...you guessed it!
  5. jankees


    ok, a few more Dragons then: DG_DH89_03 DG_DH89_05 DG_DH89_10 A33-1 03 ss12519
  6. jankees


    and a few more: DG_DH89_06 BKR02 ss1580 want to see more?
  7. jankees


    If only...this is when I discovered I am actually missing quite a few. Still, there's enough to keep me busy for a while longer. Here's a few more oldies I just uploaded: ss3405 ss3866 ss12496 As for Ozx, I have no news. I know JayKae was busy with other things, so it might be gone forever...
  8. jankees


    after the OZX hack, nearly all my repaints disappeared from the internet, so I am busy uploading them again, this time on avsim and sim-outhouse, to spread the risk. Why did I have to do so many?? Anyway, I come across lots of nice and old ones that I had (almost) forgotten, like these P-51B's: 5MG1161 a4009 FX13364 jeep832 MC-L2822 patty166 slowly getting there, just a few hundred more...
  9. jankees

    Beech forest

    Just two so far..
  10. jankees

    Beech forest

    I have uploaded them, have fun with them!
  11. jankees

    Beech forest

    All my paints are (going to be) on avsim and sim-outhouse. Still uploading, there's so many...
  12. jankees


    well caught! I never manage to capture lightning like that..