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  2. jankees

    Shack Rat

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  3. and two more: jk6983 jk6967 jk6965 jk6991
  4. last one for now: GLV
  5. Two paints for the C-119 from Aeroplane Heaven: jk6874 jk6878 jk6898 jk6901
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    a big marine

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  7. And one more: jk6803 jk6812
  8. next one, still wip: jk6777 jk6778
  9. Yes, I did, a long time ago! Meanwhile, here's a few more I did for this one: jk3442 jk3459 jk3435 jk6668 jk6674
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    over Italy

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  11. a few paints for the P-47D bubbletop from Aeroplane Heaven jk6706 jk6722 jk6725 jk6708
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