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  1. The airfield is Lelystad, in the Netherlands, and the flight was tour of the IJsselmeer.
  2. jankees

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  3. I managed to obtain seats on the penultimate flight of the Catalina before it departed for the US, together with my daughter Catalina 20190501_113956 20190501_124849 20190501_131816 IMG-20190501-WA0024 IMG-20190501-WA0027 IMG-20190501-WA0026 IMG-20190501-WA0019
  4. An Ozzie paint for the AN-2 by AT Simulations/Sibwings jk0432 jk0419
  5. I made a few imaginary paintschemes for Nigel Richards wonderful AVRO Tutor jk0406 jk0421 jk0517 jk0511
  6. ..that are emerging from the paintshed jk0491 jk0486 jk0482 jk0481 almost done..
  7. jankees


    Would you believe my first flight ever was in a Harvard? PH-BKT from Gilze-rijen to Antwerp and back. You can say I have a certain fondness for the T-6...
  8. jankees


    EX490-09 EX490-11 EX490-04 EX490-06
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