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  2. jankees


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  3. jankees

    Meteor .

    I just uploaded another paint for this bird jk2536 Did it a while ago, but forgot to load it completely...but no longer
  4. Good you said it's near Hanover, I would never have guessed... But very nice shots
  5. same plane, VH-AZF, in different times: 1951: jk2428 1967: jk2491 1971: jk2472 and today: jk2424
  6. jankees

    Meteor .

    What's this, shooting at airliners? Nice pics though
  7. Still not very busy here..here's a few for Ants Tiger Moth Pro for P3Dv4.4+ jk2327 jk2322 jk2291 jk2339 jk2227 jk2356
  8. jankees

    CRJ Fun

    lovely stuff, with #5 my favorite
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  10. jankees


    jk2134 jk2209 jk2193 jk2189 jk2166 jk2154 jk2140
  11. Not sure if anybody still visits these pages, but here are my paints for the He-111 by Aeroplane Heaven so far: jk1736 jk1773 jk1837 jk1851 jk1900 jk2035 jk2047
  12. jk2089 jk2090 jk2101 jk2102
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