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  1. Beautiful shots! But would a desert paintscheme not have been more appropriate?
  2. Not quite the right birds for flightsim...
  3. jankees

    AVRO 621

    Nice bird, nice shots
  4. Oh, very nice. Love those mountains, where is this?
  5. jankees

    LOT Electra

    LOT09 LOT03 LOT11 LOT12 LOT06
  6. no, I didn't either. Let's hope he gets back on track.. meanwhile, one more: jk0769 jk0762
  7. Roy Chaffin gave me permission to do repaints for his B-25, so here are two I did a while ago jk4721 jk4725 And I'm working on a new one: jk0689 jk0698
  8. jk0677 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
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