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  1. I must admit that I like the Il-76. I have some photos that I took a while back. They used to go to RIAT at Fairford to support the Su-27 Flankers from the Ukraine Air Force.
  2. I am afraid that it will not be a Happy Christmas for people south of London this year, particularly those near to Gatwick Airport. The officials around there are still not able to determine what is a drone and what Santa and his sleigh look like. This has resulted in a total ban of either of the said flying anywhere near to Gatwick as passengers still remain severely ticked off at recent disruptions. Of course, the RAF or other military units cannot use anything that may potentially cause any harm to Rudolf and the other reindeer, for fear of being accused of cruelty to animals. Trying to jam drones may also disrupt the sensitive inbuilt navigation elements built into flying reindeer, so trying to use this may result in a flurry of crashing reindeer and a massive loss of presents. Of course, such a loss of valuable items would potentially result in a massive lawsuit from Santa, which the UK Government can ill afford at this time. Also, there is the potential for the parents of disappointed children to sue for emotional stress caused by the loss of the said gifts. The RAF were alleged to support this ban, as it would save the reindeer a bit of effort by saving a few air miles and having to pull a somewhat overweight man dressed in a silly red suit, around south London. This has been counter argued by Santa supporters who said that if locals feed the reindeer flatulence inducing food, Santa could strike a match near to their.....um...bottom....it could have the same effect as an afterburner on a jet powered plane and help things move along. At this time, it still looks as though people south of London are in for grim Christmas......
  3. Please note that as this Christmastime approaches, the following songs may not be sung: (Copied from a local website 'Kokomo Brief')
  4. I think that JF have a nerve to ask that price and then more for add on' tanker variant! At that price, it should all be included......but..... Boy, have they got that characteristic Vulcan howl off to a tee! It is GREAT!! I have noticed one interesting nuance....I tried an anti-flash white plane to fly and while opening it in FSX, the window depicting the plane when you load up FSX has it configured correctly, but when it is loaded and ready to fly, it has the RWR fairing on the fin, and TFR thimble on the nose. These modifications were not made until after it got is camouflage! However, it is a MUCH better than their previous offering of a Vulcan, and I must admit that I have written to them on more than one occasion sometime back to ask for them to update the older Vulcan. At least this has happened and they appear to listen to customers. Another one I suggested was the VC-10 and I am sure that I am not the only one. It is expensive, but I just had to have it as it is an iconic British plane, just like the Lightning. Britain at it's best!!! Now, all I want for Christmas is a nice FSX RAF Buccaneer to the same standard, a Jaguar, a Victor, a Gnat, a Jet Provost T.5............ Martin
  5. Just Flight's Vulcan is finally HERE!!!! It's not cheap though........ Guess what I have been doing for the last 30mins........??!! Martin
  6. That's an interesting idea. Thanks Dan.
  7. Thanks John. If I do buy a new PC in due course, I guess that I could use the USB cards from my old PC to bring the new PC inline with hardware that I already have?
  8. When I was in Walmart the other day, I happened across an HP Pavilion desktop gaming pc. While I cannot afford one as yet and bearing in mind my current PC is rather troublesome, I found it interesting. However, most of my hardware such as printer, gaming HOTAS, etc: are USB 1 connectors. Newer pcs are USB 2 or 3. Can you get adaptors to plug a USB 1 device into a later version of USB port as on a new pc? Thanks in advance.
  9. Wow. Thanks to all you guys who have sent ideas. It gives me something to work with. You guys rock!!!