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  1. Guitarist: 'Ahhh...I wondered where I had left my G string'.
  2. Gee...things must be bad over there. I did not know that static aircraft had to wear a Covid mask!
  3. I have finally got around to the world of carrier aviation on P3D v4.5. I bought the SWS carrier Nimitz vol 1. and it is great. Having great fun trying things out and yes, there is a lot to learn! I am also reading the Haynes Operations Manual for US Supercarriers. It is a pretty good read to find out the operational procedures and history of US carriers.
  4. OK...thanks for your input Joe. Much appreciated. Regards Martin
  5. OK, I am not a computer geek and do not understand some technical stuff, but I am curious if my computer could handle MSFS2020. This might sound stupid to some of you, but here goes..... VRAM...not sure what that is? My computer specs are: (reading from the slip that came with it) Intel Core i5-9400 (6-core/6 thread 9M cache 4.1 GHz Processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology) 8GB 1xGB DDR4 2666MHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR6 (I am currently running P3Dv4.5 and it runs reasonably with some settings at max) Thanks for you help.
  6. The Captain kept hitting on me, so I put some bromide in his coffee whenever I make him one!
  7. Ok Joe....this one is yours. Take it away boss!! (From a non-smoker!!)
  8. I sometimes buy stuff and then it sits around for sometime before it gets tried! Am I normal...??
  9. I know what you mean...I find it hard to contrate on just one when there are so many 'new toys' in the hanger.
  10. Thanks Tim. Ok...lets see what the gang can come up with for this one...... Have fun! Martin
  11. Thanks Joe. Despite cranking the wind up, the trees only move a bit...I seem to recall it moving more on the video that I saw, but at least it is more than FSX!! The stuff on Orbx Central looks interesting too. Thanks again. Martin
  12. A few months back before I bought P3Dv4.5, I recall seeing a video on YouTube about v4 which had trees that moved with the wind and prop wash. I also seem to recall that it had rain on the windshield on the plane. Naturally, I cannot find that video now! Does PD3.4.5 come with moving trees and rain effects, and if so, how do you get it to work/what settings do I need? Thanks in advance. Martin
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