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  1. I think that JF have a nerve to ask that price and then more for add on' tanker variant! At that price, it should all be included......but..... Boy, have they got that characteristic Vulcan howl off to a tee! It is GREAT!! I have noticed one interesting nuance....I tried an anti-flash white plane to fly and while opening it in FSX, the window depicting the plane when you load up FSX has it configured correctly, but when it is loaded and ready to fly, it has the RWR fairing on the fin, and TFR thimble on the nose. These modifications were not made until after it got is camouflage! However, it is a MUCH better than their previous offering of a Vulcan, and I must admit that I have written to them on more than one occasion sometime back to ask for them to update the older Vulcan. At least this has happened and they appear to listen to customers. Another one I suggested was the VC-10 and I am sure that I am not the only one. It is expensive, but I just had to have it as it is an iconic British plane, just like the Lightning. Britain at it's best!!! Now, all I want for Christmas is a nice FSX RAF Buccaneer to the same standard, a Jaguar, a Victor, a Gnat, a Jet Provost T.5............ Martin
  2. Just Flight's Vulcan is finally HERE!!!! It's not cheap though........ Guess what I have been doing for the last 30mins........??!! Martin
  3. That's an interesting idea. Thanks Dan.
  4. Thanks John. If I do buy a new PC in due course, I guess that I could use the USB cards from my old PC to bring the new PC inline with hardware that I already have?
  5. When I was in Walmart the other day, I happened across an HP Pavilion desktop gaming pc. While I cannot afford one as yet and bearing in mind my current PC is rather troublesome, I found it interesting. However, most of my hardware such as printer, gaming HOTAS, etc: are USB 1 connectors. Newer pcs are USB 2 or 3. Can you get adaptors to plug a USB 1 device into a later version of USB port as on a new pc? Thanks in advance.
  6. Wow. Thanks to all you guys who have sent ideas. It gives me something to work with. You guys rock!!!
  7. A belated Happy Birthday, Matt!! If you lived nearer, I'd buy you a birthday coffee!!!!! Hope you had a good one!!
  8. I am a bit puzzled and frustrated here.... I start the flight with reasonable frame rates, then it rapidly goes down to single digits within about two minutes. I did have it working pretty good but am not sure what is causing this! I did the HIGHME fix a while back and that worked great for a while, now it is worse than before the fix. I have reloaded the configuration, to no avail. I am using a light setting on graphics...no extra demands on scenery, etc. One thing I did note is that about a week ago , my anti-virus (System Mechanic) played up and I uninstalled it and used the inbuilt computer (basic) system and flight sim seemed to work better with that. I have had good results with the System Mechanic in the past and am not sure what is happening here. Any ideas? By the way, do any of you have a preferred anti-virus system that is simulator friendly, but does a good job for security? I am using FSX Gold. Thanks Martin
  9. Just Flight's Vulcan is on finals.......video here...... https://www.justflight.com/product/avro-vulcan-b-mk2 Also, they are doing a tanker and MRR add on!!
  10. Actually, this isn't a joke, but is a funny fact. Several years ago after a certain President Clinton had his sexual encounter with Monica, there was a documentary on UK TV about the President's 'activities' with Monica. It got to the part where it mentioned the dress that had a stain on. Just then, the program was in for an advert break, and the first thing that came up on the adverts? Stain remover!! Classic!!! I bet that advertiser had to pay a pretty penny for that spot, but it was a laugh out loud moment that is not a joke.
  11. Ritz Hotels latest advertising slogan.......?? 'Come and stay at the Ritz......you'd be crackers not to'!!!
  12. Time to get out the crazy glue and automotive spray cans.....that should do the job! When I bought Airfix kits, they had a skill rating to what experience was required to build the kit. I am wondering what the skill level of this particular job would be.....!!! Martin P.S. Yeap.....they should have built more F-22's in the first place!! I just hope that the Russians don't hack into this site and take advantage of the fact that USAF is down on their F-22 numbers!!