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  1. So, I have put FSX to one side after so many issues and am now trying PD3v3, as my computer is able to handle that (I think!). I got it installed and running nicely and compared to FSX, it is like chalk and cheese. However, a few glitches have reared their heads which I am hoping that some you folk may be able to help me with them... The first problem that occurred was that I lost the afterburner effects and extra power that this produced on the native F-22 and F-35. I am not sure if this issue has been resolved as I notice on forums that it appears to be a common problem and wondered if anyone has the definitive answer? What is interesting is that in trying third party aircraft, the VRS F-18E Superbug is having the same issue, as is the Mil-Viz F-4 Phantom II. However, the Just Flight Tornado is just fine...…it has the afterburner and full power. The second issue is that occasionally, the flight sim will suddenly freeze and make a buzzing noise. After reading up on the issue, it was suggested that updating drivers may help. I updated the driver on my video card and thought that I had solved the problem until it did the same thing a few moments ago, although after about 30 secs, a dialogue box came up asking what I wanted to do. One of the options was to continue, which I clicked and it started gain. Normally, I end up having to do a hard re-start as I can't do anything with the computer. Any ideas? So, to be honest, I am really impressed with this flight sim and once I get these bugs sorted out, I am sure that it will keep me happy for a long time. Sure, it takes a bit of getting used to after FSX but I love the fact that the frame rates are smoother and that it does not stutter as much. Thanks in advance. Martin
  2. I was getting multiple issues such as things freezing, etc. I got fed up with it and now trying P3Dv3, not that it is problem fee!! Thanks for asking.
  3. The airline that's different...no overhead lockers...they are under the seat so that you have to ….erm….bend over!!!
  4. Wow John……..your SOON is not.....erm….'soon'!!!
  5. Well, it just so happens that I am on a tight budget. Ill health and not having worked for 14 years as a consequence makes things a bit tight! Therefore, I have an old PC that it not up to spec for v4. Such is life, but I am quite impressed with v3 anyway....better than FSX so I am happy. Martin
  6. After so much hassle with FSX and Windows 10, I have done a fair bit of research and watched some YouTube stuff. I have reached the conclusion that P3Dv3 is the way to go for me, at least for the time being. I have bought quite a few aircraft for FSX over a period of time, but a lot are also compatible with P3Dv3. So....I had an SSD put on my PC and bought P3Dv3 and hope to get it installed and set up in the next few days. If anyone has any info and tips about P3Dv3, I would be interested in knowing... You will note that I said that it is P3Dv3 for the time being.....the Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 looks VERY interesting. It is my understanding that they plan to make FSX aircraft compatible with it and the scenery will be downloaded via a cloud. So.....maybe if can get an up to date PC in the next couple of years, who knows?!! I guess that it is an exciting time for flight simmers right now!! Martin
  7. ..but that is all very well wanting the latest stuff, BUT.....I had to retire from work early due to ill health (14 years ago), ergo VERY little spare money and I have about $1,000 to fork on medical bills over the next few weeks. No social health care scheme here, so some of us just have to make do as best we can in an economical way, even if does mean holding onto stuff 'past it's sell by date'.... Martin
  8. For those who have seen my other posts with regard to FSX issues /Windows 10, I am pondering about P3Dv3. I have always used FSX and know VERY little about P3D, so I am looking for peoples opinions who have used both (FSX and P3D) for pointers and things to look for. My rig has an NVidia 2GB card, 2.6Ghz Quad Core Processor, 8GB RAM (I think!) and a mechanical disc drive. I am also a bit confused as to permissible uses for P3D (it says not for Personal Consumer Entertainment...)? Is it a case of this is not a 'game' for 'serious' learning...…? To me, it seems a strange thing to put on the site.... Martin
  9. Hi Arnold/All Since I have been having so much hassle with FSX/Windows 10, it has made me think about P3D too, probably V.3 as it seems a bit less demanding on my somewhat old PC. Is it really necessary to get an SSD, it can it 'make do' with a mechanical hard drive? I must admit that I know very little about P3D, but have noticed that a lot of my more recent (and expensive !) addons such as the JF VC-10 and Vulcan also run on P3D, which will help soften the blow! By the way, I did look at FSX Steam, and it appears that since they did the last update, it is no longer compatible with Windows 10! I think that they are trying to kill off FSX so that we will be forced into FS2020..... So, have any others switched from FSX to P3D and what are your thoughts.....? Thanks. Martin
  10. Sorry the text was light color.....it must have accidently got changed, so thanks for fixing it, Brian. I must admit that I did not install it as administrator, but I do run it as administrator. I have found that I if I right click on the FSX icon and the click the 'run compatibility troubleshooter' every time I run FSX, it will probably work but for some reasons, when I click to save the settings after it runs OK, it does not seem to save the settings. However, where the real problems arise are after adding third party planes. Some may work, but quite often, they will crash the system and the only way of getting out of it is the turn the PC tower off using the on/off button and not via the PC screen. It's a mystery, as 'addons' are often marked as working with Windows 10, but for some reason, its as issue. What is for sure is that I do NOT want to have to loose the many hundreds of dollars worth of 'addons', so I hope to find a solution somehow..... Martin
  11. Wanted for serious crimes against humanity....the photographer who took this hideous photo!!!
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