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  1. Time to get out the crazy glue and automotive spray cans.....that should do the job! When I bought Airfix kits, they had a skill rating to what experience was required to build the kit. I am wondering what the skill level of this particular job would be.....!!! Martin P.S. Yeap.....they should have built more F-22's in the first place!! I just hope that the Russians don't hack into this site and take advantage of the fact that USAF is down on their F-22 numbers!!
  2. I have spent many a happy hour at Cosford museum over the years, prior to my trip across the pond! A great place for the aviation buff!! I just love that TSR. 2...wish that there was an FSX flight simulator for it..... Martin
  3. Q. What is the punishment for bigamy? A. Two mother-in-laws!!
  4. Welcome to Mutley's Hanger .....keeping you abreast of the latest in flight sim...........
  5. The #metoo movement gathers momentum......touching a women's breasts will now result in diced fingers leaving plenty of evidence for lawyers of a potential assault.
  6. I have heard that as women get older, their breasts may need a bit of extra lift, but isn't that going just a bit too far??!!
  7. I actually flew in a CRJ from Chicago to Indianapolis. The first time I had a delay of several hours due to snow and then the ride was very turbulent once we got going. I was about four hours late meeting the lady who was to become my wife!! I have one for FSX too....maybe I should dust mine off too as she has been sitting in the hanger for a while!!! Martin
  8. Wish I could go.....it's too far for me!!! Maybe someone can do a report and take some pictures.....? Martin
  9. Wow, Brian I have done that now and it looks promising. Things seem a bit smoother now and the 'FSX experience' is looking better!! Thanks!!! Martin
  10. Wow....that looks as though it could with some issues that I experience. Thanks so much Brian. Regards Martin
  11. There's nothing there, Lucy. Just two X's and some codes.......
  12. A great coffee mug for REAL coffee lovers!!!! (Captaincoffee......you there!!??) https://www.amazon.com/Personalized-Prescription-Coffee-Mug-Personalize/dp/B00D6472CQ/ref=sr_1_5?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1537123725&sr=1-5&keywords=Prescription+Personalized+Coffee+Mug
  13. That's a civilian version of stealth technology.......not quiet as a good as the military ones as not so much funding is available!!! On a more serious note, what is HiMem fix? I have not heard of that one! Martin