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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have a look at them tonight!
  2. Hello everyone! I've have just bought the A2A Comanche and have been enjoying learning all of its quirks. What I'm after is some ideas of very scenic flights. Ideally I want IFR flying for about 45-60 mins, preferably around Europe (although I'm happy to fly elsewhere). I have orbx ftx global/vector/Europe open lc along with terrain mesh for Europe. All ideas are welcome. Cheers Kieran
  3. Ah, no worries. Thanks for replying!
  4. Hi everyone! Has anyone got Aerosoft Menorca X installed and running in P3dv3.1? I don't want to buy it if I can't get it running in P3dv3.1 Cheers, Kieran
  5. It transpired I was using the fsx installed vector configurator that was on the desktop. If you go into settings on ftx central, the p3d vector configurator is in there. Now just to sort out the lack of vector lights in the sim......
  6. Urgh, where to start?! I downloaded p3dv3 yesterday, having only had fsx before. I redownloaded orbx ftx Base, vector and Europe open lc, all of which installed fine. Unfortunately I cannot seem to use the vector configurator tool as it only sees FSX, not P3dv3 (despite using the p3dv3 installer). I realised this to my detriment as I attempted to take off from Manchester EGCC, only to be a good 50ft below the runway...... Any ideas how to get the configurator working properly?
  7. Thanks for the replies, I was thinking along the lines of a new gpu, probably a gtx970 which would mean I wouldn't need to upgrade my psu. Once I get the SSD in I will buy P3D and see!
  8. Hello, I'm new to these forums, but not the site itself. I was looking at upgrading from fsx to P3d v3, but would have to inevitably upgrade my system. I was wondering what any if you would upgrade to give a better simming experience? My current rig is below, although I will be adding an SSD shortly. Cheers, Kieran Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i5 Quad Core Processor i5-4690 (3.5GHz) 6MB Cache Motherboard ASUS® H81M-PLUS: Micro-ATX, LG1150, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs Memory (RAM) 8GB KINGSTON HYPER-X FURY DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz (1 x 8GB) Graphics Card 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 - 2 x DVI, HDMI, - 3D
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