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  1. My god that's one fantastic link you have, very in depth and what a journey. Yes those roaring fourties arn't to be messed with. The weather in Tassie has been Drought, Fire. Floods. Who knows what's next. Safe travels cheers Grant
  2. Ahhh that explains why I am experiencing more turbulence with them unchecked, can be a little misleading. However there has been rough weather in Tasmania today with storms etc. cheers Grant
  3. Thanks Mutley, much appreciate it cheers Grant
  4. Hi all, when using FSGRW do I need to check or uncheck the Turbulence + Thermal effects box in FSX? Thanks for any reply
  5. Thanks Brett for the prompt reply. So as FSGRW is a weather engine, I presume that what ever cloud the engine produces, Rex Soft Cloud just gives it that more natural look with the soft edges etc. cheers Gumby
  6. Hi guys will Rex Soft Clouds in any way change the type of cloud in FS-GRW (real world weather) In other words if there is cumulous outside will it still remain cumulous with Rex Soft Clouds? Thanks Gumby
  7. Hi Corsaire from Flinders Island to Tassie should be ok because its within range of Weather stations from memory, and I generally fly high altitude aircraft. Seems to be over certain stretches of land or water there is the same effect especially Launceston to Melbourne once you get into the (custom weather areas) over Bass Strait. Cheers Gumby
  8. Hi Joe. I'm not completely sure how to put a screenshot up, but I can tell you that I fly from Melbourne YMML to Launceston YMLT in Aus. Usually 20min into flight either direction you will come across this cloud layer over Bass Strait. Seems to occur every time I fly this route. It is almost like a default setting when you are out of range with a weather station, then (custom x6G8) kicks in. This I've noticed can also occur over some (custom) land areas. It's a fantastic product otherwise and will continue to use it. All the best Gumby
  9. Hi guys Im confused as to what the custom intermediate waypoint setting is. When flying over land and water with RW chosen, I get the same cloud appearing in the same spot. For example it has (custom x6G8 show up in the box ) and then the weather gradually changes as I near a weather station. Is this normal and is there a way to change it? Oh the cloud always appears low level. First time on this Forum hope this makes sense cheers Gumby
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