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  1. Again, RL experience, but the Titan is a far better airplane, hot and high, the Navajo is a complete dog. The 404 is far more comfortable and can lift more and fly farther on the same fuel burn.
  2. The DA62 is an absolute pain in the ass to fly in real life. The Carenado version is gorgeous, but I cannot get past how much I loathe the actual airplane. Edit: @mutley - not that fast? I easily saw 190-200 GS kts all day long flying it between 6-11k ft.
  3. You guys have been with me my entire aviation career and I consider all of you family. Last October, I had an off-airport landing that turned into a write off of the aircraft, a twin-engine Cessna. It was 3:30 in the morning, 200 ft. ceilings, and foggy. I had already gone missed at my destination and continued onto an alternate which was reporting 500 ft ceilings and ½ mile vis, plenty for an LPV… or so I thought. I got about a two to two and a half mile final and saw some lights that turned out to be a house instead of the airport environment. Through a series of bad decisions and fatigue induced thinking, I descended far too low and impacted the ground 1 mile west of the runway. I immediately gave it full power and climbed out and then saw the actual runway and landed and got the airplane in the hanger. Long story short, the FAA started an investigation, and that leads us to yesterday. I was mailed the certified letter, etc. that leads to investigation, gave statements, and put the ride off to yesterday as I wanted to use the new company airplane for it, that didn’t end up happening and I borrowed a different airplane. I got there, we went through all the sign-in procedures and the airworthiness guys went out to ramp the airplane. I went into the briefing room and the examiner (inspector?) briefed me, told me what parts of the ACS we needed to cover, commercial mins, etc. He also told me what his plan was, and all the general check ride stuff a DPE covers i.e. failure, pass, continuation. We got in the airplane, went through the checklists, and he said he was going to create the accident flight as close as possible, so two approaches, one at a different airport and then another approach back into the FSDO airport. We took off, I flew a ILS into the first airport with a missed approach and a hold with the AP, flew back to the original airport and hand flew the GPS approach to a full stop landing, maybe 0.6 in the air. He was a cool examiner and it was one of the most stress-free check rides I have had. All in all, it wasn’t an airplane failure or bad flying that caused the entire action, it was a failure between the yoke and the seatback and I have learned a lot from the episode, including going to recurrent training every year whether the insurance requires it or not. I’ve also learned to be more of a manager and less of an employee for the company I work with. Our FSDO guys are very professional, objective and caring. I know this bucks the trend of “If the FAA isn’t happy blah blah blah” but I have had nothing but good experiences with them and I appreciate their objectivity and lack of placing blame throughout the entire process. Relevant METARS, the accident was at 0802UTC KEOK 010655Z AUTO 05005KT 2SM BR OVC003 14/14 A3014 RMK AO2 KEOK 010715Z AUTO VRB04KT 2SM BR OVC003 14/14 A3015 RMK AO2 KEOK 010755Z AUTO 03003KT 1SM BR OVC003 14/14 A3015 RMK AO2 KEOK 010815Z AUTO 03005KT 1/2SM BR OVC002 14/14 A3015 RMK AO2 KEOK 010835Z AUTO 03003KT 1/2SM BR OVC002 14/14 A3015 RMK AO2 I am not saying this to make my head bigger, its to add context that this can happen to anyone. I am a 3000+ hr pilot with 1000+ hrs in twin Cessnas and 500 hrs flying last year. 30 seconds of lackadaisical attitude and I could have ruined my career.
  4. Still looking for pilots? It is about time for me to throw my hat back in the AWTC ring
  5. How the hell do you UK people get around and tell directions? Is there a straight road in the entire country?
  6. Beta will solve your problem. Turboprops have excess power even at idle so you have to change the pitch of the prop to account for that.
  7. remingtonbox

    blind hope

    I had an approach to minimums on my Instagram for sometime, but now I can't find it, you can't imagine the elation you feel when the ground materializes out of a white blanket.
  8. remingtonbox

    blind hope

    That feeling is even better in real life when you have paying passengers in the back. Great shot and atmosphere! And John, the PTS/ACS/whatever they call it now says +100 ft -0 ft for altitude discrepancy on either the instrument or II checkrides
  9. In the US, the max altitude you can fly for no more than 30 minutes is 14,000 ft. Generally, if you are used to it or live at a higer altitude, 13,000 is both legal and safe. Does the Comanche have cowl flaps? One thing to do would be to close them, I do it in the Navajo all the time coming into our home base and it stays nice and toasty, the 421 I fly will destroy gearboxes if you shockcool the cylinders like that.
  10. Wow! Carenado Alabeo really screwed up with this. I fly a non-turboed Saratoga (https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N727GR) nearly every day as well as a turbo'd one less regularly. Neither one will ever, ever, ever get anywhere close to 10.5 gph. The turbo'd one will rarely get below 26 gph. Lastly, I have never seen anything as slow as 136 kts. cruise with no wind. I flight plan 160 kts. None of this is a dig on you. I think Alabeo missed the mark. The Saratoga is one of the most, if not the most, capable aircraft in its class.
  11. Sedona is amazing, I will have to see if I can pull the video of me landing there off of my wife's iPad
  12. Now that I have FSX:SE working on Windows 10, I started using AirHauler
  13. $12?! You can't even fly a Cub or Taylorcraft for that, that study must have been done years ago. I imagine its over $250-300 per hour to run that thing just fixed costs only.
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