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  1. The MEBAR is great fun, alright! Flying the Cherokee gives you plenty of time to enjoy the sights (almost as slow as the T-6). Seeya ATB
  2. Hey - it was a total blast. We (Ernie, Nancy, and me) will definitely be back next year! Seeya ATB
  3. Looks like you really had that 'stang honkin' on that low pass! Awright! Seeya ATB
  4. Just completed flight 05. Sorry I haven't been posting tons of cool screenshots of earlier flights, but all that haze and gloom just wan't very photogenic. Ernie got an idea during flight 05, which I agreed with and immediately put into effect. The main factor in the weather is the wind speed and direction, at least as far as time of flight is concerned. I don't really sweat that too much; I participate mainly for the fun of it, and to build hours with DC-3 Airways. Long as we've come all the way to Greece, we should be able to see the beautiful scenery, right? So why not go into the weather option and kill the damn haze and clouds but leave the wind? I did that, and things really improved. Hey, I even got Benny Goodman going on the stereo. So here are some pictures of the later parts of flight 05, which were worth taking because you can actually see the scenery: Boy, those engines just sound happy, don't they? Did you see that shark down there? Diving through the pass toward Hellinkin: Pre-landing checklist complete. Ernie, roll Benny Goodman's "Sing, Sing, Sing," please. Awright! We survived another one! That was a fun series of flights. Thank you very much to the Mutley crew for putting it together! Seeya ATB
  5. Ernie, Nancy, and I will be flying my nondescript C-47. Seeya ATB
  6. I second Tim_A's recommendation. Seeya ATB
  7. I too may have messed up my Nav files by updating. Bummer. I was planning Flight leg 5 and I couldn't find TRM VOR. I did a search for it on the Internet and got this: http://ourairports.com/navaids/TRM/Trondheim_VOR-DME_NO/#lat=63.525901794433594,lon=10.89009952545166,zoom=10,type=Satellite. The location of the TRM VOR is latitude 63 deg 31.554108 min (63.525902 decimal deg) N, longitude 10 degrees 53.405972 min (10.890100 decimal deg) E. That is VERY close to the waypoint NONVU on LittleNavMap. I used NONVU and the total flight was 376 nm, which is very close to the total leg distance for MEBAR Flight leg 05, which is 374 nm. I am having so MUCH FUN with this!! Seeya ATB
  8. Thank you very much for putting this together. Ernie and Nancy have been asking me for details on our next adventure. We're getting our DC-3 Airways bird ready and plan to do the test flight tonight! Hard nights and charter flights! Seeya ATB
  9. That terrain.cfg thing works! I downloaded it from this ORBYX forum link: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/61832-ftx-global-install-issue/#comment-1087199. I unzipped it, and copied into my main FSX folder. Trees are where they're supposed to be!! WooHOO!! Seeya ATB
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