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  1. one question Andrew even I do not have any Saitek Panels will SPAD just work with my HOTAS thanks Fintan
  2. thanks for that Oz cannot wait to try it. I am thinking ,,,,when I used t run FSX and then FSX SE I used to use Saitek pro flight yoke and on occasion the Saitek X- 52 which leaves me wondering if their will be any old Saitek drivers ,lurking around my computer thanks Fintan
  3. Hi everybody, I have recently moved from FSX SE to P3d v4 to take advantage of their 64bit technology but now my Windows 10 or my P3d v4 see's my Saitek x-52 controller and neither does my FSUIPC 5 which is a new 64 bit registered version. When I was using FSX SE I was using a Saitek Pro-Flight yoke which is now defunct. Should I invest In SPAD. ? This query is asked to the best experts by far online thanks in advance Fintan
  4. FSX Mad

    FSUIPC button

    thanks John I am aware of these controls using my keyboard , but on the vast array of button choices FUSIP gives you, I was wondering say what FSUIPC button to map to F2? thanks Fintan
  5. FSX Mad

    FSUIPC button

    Hi Guys Can anyone tell me the FSUIPC button I should map for TOGA and reverse trust thanks Fintan
  6. Hi can anyone tell me if Aerosofts AES is compatible with FSX SE ? many thanks FINTAN
  7. FSX Mad


    thanks for all the input guys I did download Germany North as soon as it was released butt it doesn't cover the airports I use EDDM & EDDF
  8. FSX Mad


    just wondering if anyone can point me to some good German scenery. I have FTX global and ORBX Europe fly IFR
  9. FSX Mad


    and how would I do that Mikael I am using Rex4 and ASN. I have been told that Heathrow, which I use Is a big VAS user, do you know how I can turn it down best Fintan
  10. FSX Mad


    Hi guys his was probably answered before but I am starting to get that dreaded beeping noise that leads to an OOM and ruins my flight. How do I fix it ?
  11. FSX Mad


    Can anyone tall me if taxi2gate airports are compatible with FSX SE Fintan
  12. I have downloaded Seville guys was just worried as it was freeware FYI Chris Bell I have just clicked on the NIGHT ENVOIRMENT link on your signature and I am very interested can you point me to more info Fintan
  13. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me where I can get good Spanish scenery either pay ware or freeware . I do have ORBX Europe lc and Barcelona airport but need Seville and Madrid
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