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  1. one question Andrew even I do not have any Saitek Panels will SPAD just work with my HOTAS thanks Fintan
  2. thanks for that Oz cannot wait to try it. I am thinking ,,,,when I used t run FSX and then FSX SE I used to use Saitek pro flight yoke and on occasion the Saitek X- 52 which leaves me wondering if their will be any old Saitek drivers ,lurking around my computer thanks Fintan
  3. Hi everybody, I have recently moved from FSX SE to P3d v4 to take advantage of their 64bit technology but now my Windows 10 or my P3d v4 see's my Saitek x-52 controller and neither does my FSUIPC 5 which is a new 64 bit registered version. When I was using FSX SE I was using a Saitek Pro-Flight yoke which is now defunct. Should I invest In SPAD. ? This query is asked to the best experts by far online thanks in advance Fintan
  4. FSX Mad

    FSUIPC button

    thanks John I am aware of these controls using my keyboard , but on the vast array of button choices FUSIP gives you, I was wondering say what FSUIPC button to map to F2? thanks Fintan
  5. FSX Mad

    FSUIPC button

    Hi Guys Can anyone tell me the FSUIPC button I should map for TOGA and reverse trust thanks Fintan
  6. Hi can anyone tell me if Aerosofts AES is compatible with FSX SE ? many thanks FINTAN
  7. FSX Mad


    thanks for all the input guys I did download Germany North as soon as it was released butt it doesn't cover the airports I use EDDM & EDDF
  8. FSX Mad


    just wondering if anyone can point me to some good German scenery. I have FTX global and ORBX Europe fly IFR
  9. FSX Mad


    and how would I do that Mikael I am using Rex4 and ASN. I have been told that Heathrow, which I use Is a big VAS user, do you know how I can turn it down best Fintan
  10. FSX Mad


    Hi guys his was probably answered before but I am starting to get that dreaded beeping noise that leads to an OOM and ruins my flight. How do I fix it ?
  11. FSX Mad


    Can anyone tall me if taxi2gate airports are compatible with FSX SE Fintan
  12. I have downloaded Seville guys was just worried as it was freeware FYI Chris Bell I have just clicked on the NIGHT ENVOIRMENT link on your signature and I am very interested can you point me to more info Fintan
  13. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me where I can get good Spanish scenery either pay ware or freeware . I do have ORBX Europe lc and Barcelona airport but need Seville and Madrid
  14. thanks for that Jim in the end I just deleted everything and did a reinstall (pain in the a**) and everything seems ok, however I just noticed that I forgot to put back DX10 do I need it, I do not fly slow and low but mainly jets Fintan
  15. thanks for that Jim but now another problem has cropped up I fly on FSXSE and my sim has suddenly started failing to launch . A friend told me to reinstall FSXSE but that would mean having to reinstall everything again including scenery, airports and aircraft etc. I had thought one of the reasons in buying FSXSE was never having to do this again like in FSX. Any ideas? I think my problem may be sim-connect related Fintan
  16. thanks Jim, I think I have most of that from Steve's DX10 fixer, the eye candy I am looking for which is on the CS777 is the detailed cabin including lavatories, galley etc, electronic adjustable captain seat and most of all the electronic flight bag, which must work of the flight plan and gives you chats of your SIDs, Enoute airways, STAR and Airport terminal Fintan
  17. again thanks to everyone who replied, I think I have come down on the side of PMDG as what I can glean from my research that the CS777 FMC is not great. From what I can gather the CS777 has great eye candy which I must admit attracted me in the first instance Fintan
  18. Can you guys recommend to me either Captain Sim 777 or PMDG 777, I have read great things about PMDG but Captain Sim 777 is including some really nice toys such as great interior cabin views, adjustable captains seat and electronic flight bag. Will my ASN work with it and my ATC which is PRO ACT. As I cannot find any reviews does know what flight plan extension they use like PMDG .rte and FSX.pln thanks Fintan
  19. thanks to both John & Mutley and Geoff
  20. Hi everyone newbie here (first posting) hope I am in right area. Can anyone tell me which is the best scenery of EGLL to get UK 2000 or Simwings best Fintan
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