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  1. I'm using FS9 now not FSX so no EZDOK installed, and photoreal refers to the detailed appearance of the payware Mega Airports.
  2. Hi John Thank you once again, yes I read this article previously and made some adjustments, I have REX Extreme Environment and don't really have any problem with the FS9 ground scenery, for me it is the loss of my photoreal Airport scenery buildings etc; for the Mega Airports, really can't understand why they have now lost all realism. With FSX i was having loss of scenery problems parts of the aircraft frame would vanish and countless other issues whenever I tried to make any adjustments using the dropdown menu to alter weather or gate so abandoned FSX and PMDG NGX and returned to FS9 with Ifly 737NG Many thanks again John! Richard
  3. Hi thank you very much, that's food for thought, I know when I used FSX I would get messages from Windows saying there was a compatability problem and that Windows was reverting to a basic colour but adjusting the Aero theme setting was not advised to rectify this, anyway I don't get such messages with the FS9. Looking at the Screen shots the Airport scenery resembles the default fs2004 Airports but they are not these are the Mega Airports from Aerosoft Fly Tampa etc and when purchased were highly detailed and realistic, and as you can see they now look nothing like those Airports for which we splash the cash. I have tried all the resolution tweaks in FS9 and using my NVDIA Control panel I can alter colour resolution etc; but can't restore that realism my airports looking like lifeless block cartoons. John have you altered the Windows graphics in the past? and if so could you tell me where and how you did that please. Anyway chaps thank you for all your kind support Best wishes Richard
  4. Hi I wonder if anyone can assist me in an earlier post I sought assistance with my FS scenery/Texture problem I posted some Screen shots as requested but received no response I wonder if someone with an idea in this area could give me some feedback Many Thanks Richard
  5. Hello Brian sorry for the late reply these are the sad lifeless images taken from Mega Airports Barcelona, Heathrow, Munich, Charles de Gaulle, of course I can alter the colour brightness, contrast, etc; from my NVDIA settings panel but nothing restores the realistic appearance of the original download and as you can see they are nothing resembling what the Mega Airports should look like just lifeless blocks. My current NVDIA setting Panel settings panel are as follows 1024 x768 Refresh 70hz desktop color depth highest 32 bit, output color format RGB, Output color depth 8bpc, Output dynamic range Full. I hope this will shed some light, and I would be extremely grateful for your impressions. Also the NVDIA resolutions are matched to the resolution setting in the FS9 Display-Hardware setting. Thank you once more, if all else fails the number of a good Exorcist would be most appreciated Best Wishes Richard
  6. Thank you very much i'll try and work out how to do that haven't done that before Thank you Richard
  7. Thanks again chaps I've tried the unistall reinstall route looks like i'm stuck with this problem hence end of the road for my FS9 anyway guys thank you guys for your kind support! Richard
  8. Hi John & Brain Thank you, as mentioned i'm using FS9 which is FS2004 with Ifly 737NG I had the Computer Initialized which cleans the computer and takes it back to when the problem began which for me was end of April, but this did not rectify the problem, the only thing I can remember which might have sparked this problem was when I tried to download liveries from the Flight 1 Library for the 737NG . Regarding the aircraft it seems okay to be honest its been so long i've forgotten how that originally looked. but the add-ons are strickingly different. Add-Ons i only use the REX Real Environment Extreme for 2004 weather add-on. I have tried adjusting resolutions/colours etc on screen and windows 7 and checked i am using 32bit tried unistalling & reinstalling but still the airports look ridiculous and before the initalization everything was way too bright including the FS2004 start-up menus, this isn't as bad now but the textures as mentioned are terrible, i'm really at a loss what to do. Many thanks again Richard
  9. Hi wonder if I seek some words of wisdom, I'm using W7 64 32bit with FS9 & IFly B737NG various & Payware mega airports recently for whatever reason the textures have altered drastically so now the airports have lost all realism resembling cartoon coloured blocks opposed to detailed textured realistic airports. I've had my computer initialized, new drivers installed I was told my graphics card was appropriate for my needs but nothing seems to restore my textures to those downloaded on airport and aircraft when originally purchased I would be so grateful for any pointers this has totally spoilt the FS experience. My specs Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit 6.1 build 760.1 ASUS Processor Intel (R) core BIOS date 04-07-013 version 03.10 15-4670 CPU and 3.40Ghz (4CPUs) 3.46Hz Memory 16384 Mb Ram Direct X version Direct X 11 Display NVDIA GeForce GTX 760 Chip type GeForce GTX 760 Approx total memory 4042Mb Current display mode 1920x1080 (32bit) 60Hz Driver 368.22 date 23.5.013 Thank you very much Richard Coombs
  10. Hello Arnold, well I think its the wires in my head that need repairing, the Yoke was obviously not doing its thing until I had reached an advanced stage in the pre-flight start up process then all fired up Ailerons were perfect so your trusty clean calib utility had worked wonderfully before so appologies for my recent SOS. I've gone through typhoons, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Nuclear reactor breakdowns, here in Japan, but the demise of a man's flight simulator yoke is a bridge too far !! Arnold once again deepest gratitude ! Sayonara until my next meltdown Richard
  11. Hi well my joy was short-lived though the Elevator problem was resolved but tonight after installing Rex Extreme Clouds for some reason my Yoke won't align now I've re-used the Clear Calibration tool you kindly sent me Ive unistalled the Rex extreme clouds but alas that hasnt rectified it wonder if anyone has any suggestions please Many Thanks Richard
  12. Arnold thank you so very much indeed it worked a treat and immediately restored the Elevator function to normal i'm so happy and relieved, Arnold if there's anything here in Japan you would like I can post over to show my thanks please let me know.! Again Arnold thank you so much for taking the time out to bring my Flight Simulator back to life again ! Sincere Best Wishes Richard
  13. Thank you so much Arnold, actually I live in Nagoya Japan (RJGG) I have to be different don't I ? appologies, but hopefully that should be okay I have windows 7 32 64bt Arnold did you have the CH Products Yoke also, I've had this one quite a while but I remember same problem with Elevator few years back and once the clear calibration was applied it plopped right back into position. I've had fiun and games with Rudder Axis also so many times deleting the axis assigning it to yoke aligning the rudder asigning AileronRudder in buttons to Number 5 and resetting defaults to recify as sometimes the rudder would turn to left or right on landing, so frustrating, but alas its okay just this Elevator raising its head again anyway Arnold, I can't say how grateful I am for your kind support, I'll give it a whirl and let you know if I can cancel my Hara Kiri Best Wishes Richard
  14. Hi thank you verymuch sadly I adjusted the Null Zone slider for the Elevator Axis up but no change, I think I may have a defective Yoke Anyhow many thanks for the great support Richard
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