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  1. thank you very much Brett, this has worked and now everything is back to normal. also a thank you to other posters that also provided solutions
  2. i dont have but i do know where to find it on my system so i navigated to that folder and i dont have a scenery.cfg anymore. i am aware that this file is needed for fsx to work but it has gone? *** DISREGARD ***
  3. i am running it on an SSD which is farely new
  4. i have tried a full re install about 4 times and im still getting the same problem
  5. hello, this is my first time using a forum for support so ill just get to it. there i was about 3 days ago on VATSIM when i notice my OpenLC europe is smearing or merging with FTX global and vector but i didnt know for sure what it was but this was my assumption. i spoke to a streamer about it and he said it was because my openlc etc was not in the right order of prioroty in my scenery library so i look it up on google and there was a perfect list of where they should be set in the scenery library so i start to put the min order and uon halfway through of moving openlc my scenery library goes blank i have no idea why but it didnt seem to damage my simulator so i did nothing. the next day i started up the sim and got a weird glitching aircraft in the free flight section https://gyazo.com/8d39cae8b86da7bdad3d3e31f834d33e So i think huh this is weird and pick a location and spawn in it and everything is blank as if all the textures were deleted https://gyazo.com/9e300652fa5ee5e0263a5f6363fe55ed i have looked all over for help i tried reinstalling many times uninstalling all of my scenery and deleting the fsx.cfg and scenery.cfg and rebuilt a new one and still nothing. i have no clue what to do and hoping someone can help!
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