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    Nice! Queenstown ORBX?
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    Excellent repaint!
  3. The Malaspina Glacier in southeastern Alaska is the largest piedmont glacier in the world
  4. C/N 33581, 16833-33581, Basler BT-67, ZS-ASN 31/7/02 - Spectrem Air is a division of Anglo American Corporation and the aircraft is used for airborne electromagentic surveys at Lanseria Airport. Enlarged nose to accommodate the radar. http://www.douglasdc3.com/quesera/quesera.htm PS: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/18751/fsx-malta-douglas-c-47, https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/18750/fsx-royal-air-lao-douglas-c-47, https://dl.avsim.su/dl/ticket/ZmlkPTQyNzY3JnVpZD0wJmlwPTQ2LjAuMjI0LjQ5/id/3faed5ddaf1857f9a198263ac4c116c85e0ef8b8/79/42767-Douglas-C-47.zip
  5. Twin... On April 24–25, 2001, two Twin Otters performed the first winter flight to Amudsen-Scott South Pole Station to perform a medical evacuation. On June 21–22, 2016, Kenn Borek Air's Twin Otters performed the third winter evacuation flight to Amudsen-Scott South Pole Station to remove two people for medical reasons.The Argentine Air Force has used the Twin Otter in Antarctica since the 1970s, with at least one of them deployed year-round at Marambio Base. The Chilean Air Force has operated the type since 1980, usually having an example based at Presidente Frei Antarctic base of the South Shetland islands.
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