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  1. Hi, how do I go about registering to fly on th challenge?. Regards, Christian C.
  2. Totally agree with Andrew's review. I just got the plane and flown it a little. Flight dynamics are excellent as well as the external model but the interior is a big let down. Some of the more important gauges related to the engine (temperatures and so on) are difficult to read and do not have tool_tips to be able to ascertain exactly what the settings are. Having said that, it does not stop me from enjoying flying around and, yes, I would buy it again having experienced the aircraft now. I just think it is an expensive add-on for a basic set up. As regards to Brett's question: Does the flight performance change, as it should, with floats attached?. I think it does, they are different AIR files and when I flew the floats, it felt clumsier (if that is the correct way of putting it). The take-off was certainly very different. All the best, Christian.
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