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  1. Hi, Have just downloaded and installed this mission. Many thanks for all the work in getting it up and going. Have personally visited all 3 of the dams and marvelled at the difficulty involved in the attacks, particularly the Eder, with tough terrain and major low level manoeuvring needed with a heavy, fairly unresponsive aircraft, at night!!! I was also lucky enough to crawl around inside a Lancaster, and marvelled that 60' over water was about as far under me as the wingtip was away from me as I sat in the pilot's seat! Two questions: (1) Although the Moehne Dam shows up well when running the mission, it does NOT appear when I simply locate myself there in Free Flight. Is there some setting I need to mod here? (2) I have creates a .kmz file in Google Earth which contains all the inbound waypoints, for Wave 1+3, and 2, the various attack tracks for all 3 dams, and the various outbound routes. I've creates "Tours" from these which allow you to automatically fly the mission cross-country/water/country in Google Earth. I'd like to create a set of waypoints in Flt Sim X which I could use to similarly fly the mission(s). Although I've done a fair bit of FSX "flying" in various aircraft types, I haven't yet used the Flight Plan aspect, or the GPS. Any suggestions a fix for (1), and the best way of going about (2)? I'm a newbie to this site/Forum, so forgive me if these are topics already covered... Funta.
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