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  1. I think my solution is going to be a new (or second hand) windows 8 computer to do the airport design on. FSX is now stable on Windows 10 for normal flying use, but the SDK seems unusable for scenery design. Yet another Microsoft cockup needing drastic action to resolve. I am leaning more towards X-plane 11 at the moment, when it is soon released - it looks much improved.
  2. After the anniversary update of windows 10 on my computer, I find that some of the SDK files have been stripped off from the Microsoft Games folder and the Direct X software has been altered. After re-loading SDK, I now find that it will not interface with the resident software. As there seems little likelyhood of an SDK update, I am now regretting not keeping a windows 7 computer on which to create FSX .BGL files for my scenery. Does anyone have a solution to my demise?
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