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  1. ChrisE91

    bus to Dublin

    Lovely shots of the NEO. Keep it up
  2. Completely agree. I think one thing which showed Microsoft in a poor light was that every simulator they ever brought out required a PC set up so far advanced that you’d need to burgle the offices at NASA to run it at max graphics and still have 30+FPS. Xplane have done a fantastic job in creating a realistic simulator that’s both aesthetically pleasing, and accurate in terms of dynamics, however slightly harder to get the hang of in terms of control. P3D have taken the core of FSX, spruced it up and made it playable on most rigs. As pretty as the graphics are in the trailer, I highly doubt Microsoft have found the errors in their ways and we’ll be back to the same issue when it’s released. In my opinion, they’re entering a fairly saturated market too late, and there’s already a divide between XP and P3D users - I can’t see many shifting and paying hundreds for all the addons for a new simulator. I’ll be waiting until at least a year after release until they patch all the bugs and I’ve had a comprehensive browse through all of the customer reviews.
  3. https://economyclassandbeyond.boardingarea.com/2019/06/09/microsoft-flight-simulator-its-back/
  4. Hi guys, So I've decided to come back to a fresh install of P3Dv4 and see how I like it. Answer: Not bad, lots to iron out though! Join me today as I fly from LGW-PRG-LGW on the FS Labs A320 with easyJet... Here we are at Gatwick, arriving so early at the aircraft that they've not even put the airbridge on yet! Rainy morning at LGW Taxiing along Juliet for J4 08R Easy 73XU, wind variable 7kts, 08R, cleared for takeoff. Through the rough stuff Leaving the coast via Dover Over Belgium EBBR Lunchtime Through Germany and over Franfurt And quicker than I know it, into the descent.. Weather not much better here, although quite a bit hotter! Flap one.. Finals runway 06 Return (not so many pictures you'll be pleased to know as I was busy all flight completing paperwork!) TIMBA1J arrival, on FS you don't have to follow the height restrictions South Kent Bewl Water Who can spot my mistake? And another remote stand! Closed up and ready for another crew Thanks for looking, these flights were to debut some new addons. One of them was Chasecam, can you tell
  5. Totally read the reg as: B-LOX then, gutted when I took a closer look! Nice shot!
  6. I was always taught 'big to small' e.g. There should be a wide river on my left according to my map, a railway line running north to south, and a small village just off the nose... Yup, I can confirm my position as x on the map! (This worked well in New Zealand, but I've mostly only flown IFR in the UK so I use my old friend LNAV to get me where I need to be!)
  7. Thanks Joe A couple more on downwind and finals to GCTS
  8. ChrisE91


    Nice! The scratch marks give it a real classic feel!
  9. Messing around with some shaders this evening (still tweaking XP to make it look as close to real life as possible) - This was on departure from LHR, initially for a flight over London, but since my A/T didn't want to play ball, it was back into the circuit to land. Enjoy!
  10. ChrisE91

    clouds etc....

    Great shots! About time AS did an XP edition! Is there any noticeable frame drops when using this? Still trying to find the sweet spot with xEnviro
  11. Originating from the outskirts of London, and with a reasonably close local airfield (Rochester/EGTO) as my testing ground - I decided to purchase and explore the wonderful scenery package available at Orbx for XP11 (of which I'm now using as my primary sim) and couldn't be happier with the addon. Easily the BEST scenery package I've ever bought. I'm just refraining from purchasing Central and eventually North this close to Christmas! Anyway, as I mentioned in the title, I used various aircraft at different times of day to get the full experience. First set: Cessna 172 G1000, Rochester - Docklands - Rochester, Second set: B757-300 LGW-IMVUR1Z - SAM (cloudy over SAM so didn't see it), Third Set: Baron 58, Rochester - Leicester Square - RAF Northolt. All shots straight from the sim with no resizing or editing. Thanks for looking!
  12. Unfortunately over the years I've purchased a few products from the FSS, after they close, what protection will there be for my purchases? Can't find any information on their website - also re-downloading the purchases I've made at the moment (reinstalling P3D onto a new machine) and half the files take me to a page that says 'unable to locate file for download' - despite claiming that 'most' of their files have been migrated to new servers.. not a happy simmer over here!
  13. ChrisE91


    Great catch!
  14. As I'm still flying this route as I type, I decided to throw a few screenshots out which are fresh from the sim to the forum without resizing or sharpening (apologies to those with a different screen res to mine!) As you've probably noticed, I'm really enjoying my PMDG 777 at the moment, despite the fact it only comes with a -200LR variant, so technically speaking this BA livery is fictional (And some of you might know how I like everything to be as realistic as possible!) Anyway, I'm recreating a real world route that I was a passenger on a couple of weeks ago - the BA2166 TPA-LGW on the B772. Here are a few screens from the early stages of that flight. Thanks!
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