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  1. Yep. That's me. Just on the other side of the tower there; You can just make out the antenna off the tail of the Beaver there. Nice Pirep, Tim. I like your choice of aircraft -- maybe I should have started with something with a little better performance like that...
  2. Goblin

    Leg 25: NTAA to NTTO

    Indeed, details can make all the difference.
  3. Goblin

    Leg 25: NTAA to NTTO

    Oh, definitely. Last year's MEBAR is what brought me here and I absolutely loved it. I even made up my own little route through the Canadian Rockies to settle the withdrawals of the MEBAR being over. But it wasn't the same without reading through other pilots posts over the same route. YAY!!!!! I've been waiting for this since April! Thank you all for your comments.
  4. Goblin

    Sim addict?

    I'm not an addict! I can quit any time I want to! Actually, about 25 years ago I was a 3rd year honor student studying Physics at a reputable institute of technology. After receiving Falcon 3 as a Christmas gift, I ended up dropping out -- I didn't actually do it formally. I just quit going to class. Now, I did clean up my act and go back for an engineering degree and went on through graduate school too, but I know how much power an addiction can have over one's life. I still have relapses of obsessive behavior, but I keep it in check. And when the weather gets warm, the sim gets shut down and I'm out riding and racing my dirt bike. I've been trying (maybe not hard enough) to pinpoint what it is about flight sims that draws me in so much. I'm starting to think it's all of the learning opportunities; I think I really like riding the learning curve. I'm currently running X-Plane, P3D, and DCS. I haven't fired up BMS in over a year, but I'm sort of missing it. No train or truck simulator -- I can see the appeal, but those are not for me.
  5. After listening to Matt's tale I am stunned. And can't think what someone might have dropped into his drink. I look into my own and pray that I do not suffer the same fate. "Hey, take it easy buddy. I'll take it from here." I order him a drink and a shrimp cocktail and head out of the lounge with the baton in my shoulder pack. I had this flight planned out and was looking forward to sightseeing the Atolls along my route. The twin otter was ready too. Thanks Matt, I'll take it from here! Here is the plan I worked up to a) be relativity sure of where I was visually and b) have some chance of reaching land in case of an emergency. And I would be getting a good look at these Atolls to boot. She just wasn't flying right so I landed at NTGC. The right flap seemed to be jammed out not too bad, but I did notice a bit of a clear slime on the wing. Hmm. Wonder what that could be? Anyway, the mechanic there was a real master of the craft! He was working so fast! If I didn't know better, I'd say he must have had eight arms to that much work in such a short time... But, done it was. And there was no charge! Can you believe my luck?! Flying again! The view was spectacular! Imagine being here in the 1950's. Seafood, sunsets, and the glow of atomic weapons tests to sweep the clouds away. I eventually turned south toward the AA NDB and from there, turn east heading 88*; it was 264 miles of nothing but water. This was a great exercise in VOR and NDB navigation. I had the GPS available, but refrained from using it to build skill with the NAV radios. Lots of fun. And I learned how to paint my airplane too! Turning final at NTTO. Not quite sure where to go I head over to Admin to see if Jess has come in yet. Now, where did I put that baton?
  6. Wow!!! Good Christ, how am I supposed to follow a PIREP like that? I feel so....small.
  7. I was going to do this in my TBM850, but they said I couldn't afford it. And that it wasn't mine. And that I'd have to pay for that coffee. As if I wasn't going to pay... So, I had to come up here in my '182. Nice, huh? Where's the baton? I'll take it from here Capn Soggy. Err, Coffee. O.K. gotta go. Hey, if a guy in a green hat comes around looking for me, tell him I was headed to Paris. Yeah, it's a game we're playing. Ha ha. He'll get a kick out of it. What? Oh, no. It's nothing. Bye now. So, there I was climbing into the '182 with my flight bag and an empty stomach. The race to get here took a lot out of me and I was cold to the bone. The plan was to cut across Norway and Sweden to the coast and head north for a shorter water crossing. Upon reaching Finland, I'd turn south to cross the Gulf. Upon reaching the land of Estonia, I'd head east to Tallinn. Say. That reminds me of a song. Ackhum.... FINLAND, FINLAND, FINLAND with your mountains so lofty and your treetops so tall Hmm... Maybe it's not quite like that. Anyway... This was the plan. Landvetter (ESGG) to Tallinn (EETN) Fuel 60% (adjust depending on weather) ESGG -> VSN VOR (115.25) FROM VSN, FOLLOW 040* RAD, 24 NM TO Norrkoping (ESSP) Turn hdg 086, for 18nm (speed/time) Turn 048* heading up the coast Pick up 075* outbound rad from VOR TRS (114.3) to 25 nm Pick up 193* inbound rad for VOR NTL (116.3) 48 nm Turn 050* oubound rad NTL to Mariehamn (EFMA) 41 nm - LAND AND REFUEL to 60% (weather dependent) Turn 066* outbound from EFMA for 55 nm (speed/time) Turn 100*, pick up RVS VOR (115.5) outbound radial 141* to EFHN ~47 nm turn 122* out of EFHN for 43 nm, to reach the coast of Estonia Pick up 260* inbound rad to TLL VOR (112.2) to Tallinn ~19 nm Now. Being serious. I have razor nostromo that I have programmed to take screen shots. I pressed the trigger many times and thought I was getting some great shots. But, the profile had been changed and I was pressing an un-programmed button. For some reason, I also used the actual keyboard and managed to get a few shots. I'm seriously disappointed and I'm sorry I don't have more to show you, but I'm not doing that flight again. Here are the few shots that I managed to capture: Getting Fuel at EFMA: Flying south over Finland Having navigated this far, I took one last look at Finland: And then looking ahead at Estonia: The weather Across Scandinavia was pretty bad and I had a moment of disorientation. Being summer, I've been out racing my KTM 300XC and have not been doing much flying. Well, none really. So, I was a little rusty and it took me a while to get my instrument scan dialed in again. For a while I was in a pretty steep dive and had to pull out fairly hard to avoid the ground. The weather cleared as I left Finland behind and the remainder of the flight was nice and relaxing. Really, disapointed that my camera was broken, but happy to be alive. Here is the actual flight path: You can see at about 145 miles into the trip is where I almost flew into the ground during IMC flight. Tim, the Baton is in your good hands. And the beer is in mine. Uh, is that guy in the green hat coming this way. I have to go.
  8. There is a part of Robert Coram's book: "Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War," where he writes about his time as a U.S. Air Force flight instructor. Now, it's been a few years since I read it, so it's a little fuzzy, but your post brought this to mind: During IFR training, the student (wearing foggles) is asked to call out his position, including altitude. As part of the call out, the student reported that they were at 1,500 feet. Boyd, sitting in the rear cockpit, makes a statement that basically gives the student a second chance to check the altitude because they were actually at 15,000 feet. The student again calls out 1,500. So, Boyd writes, he wanted to make a memorable lesson on getting the altitude right. Boyd takes the aircraft, rolls inverted and pulls! Can you imagine that! He later goes on to say, that in retrospect, that it was a really dumb thing to do. The student who was convinced they were at 1,500 might have decided to eject... By the way, you've got some great screenshots up there!
  9. Great stories Dave, really liked the imagery you generated there.
  10. Goblin

    Show off

    Just having fun! Not at all a standard approach... But I realized that I was pretty fast coming in, so I figured a little break turn was in order. Worked out pretty well, but I would have had a much better rating if I had spent the time in the pattern. Here's a short video if you care to see the turn and landing. Sorry about the music, it was otherwise totally silent and didn't seem right. MEBAR 2017, Final leg, Pipistrel Panthera Landing Santiago Chile
  11. Well, I just finished the fifth and final leg of my first Virtual Air Rally, Mutley's Easter Bunny Air Rally (MEBAR). X-Plane was my chosen simulator and I had a new bird in the hanger, an Aerobask Pipistrel Panthera, and figured this would be a great way to gain proficiency of the aircraft performance and navigation systems. Before starting the 2017 MEBAR, I may have had about an hour's worth of familiarization in the Panthera. After landing in Santiago I had added 10.75 hours to my log book. After this time, I am most definitely more proficient at flying the Panthera and I've got a good understanding of the navigation systems. I tried to do my navigating without relying on the GPS. The first flight was pretty good in that I was able to use NAVAIDS, dead reckoning and pilotage with minimal peaks at the GPS. The weather in the second flight was pretty bad for landing in mountain valleys. For one of those landings I had to rely on the GPS and Terrain avoidance system pretty heavily. I felt I could have planned much better for that flight and didn't feel that I was navigating very well. For the remainder of the flights, my navigation planning and execution was much better. Not only am I new to the Panthera, but I've only been flying XPlane for a couple of months, so I learned a few things about XPlane as well; but I think I still have plenty to learn. I had intended to fly two airplanes in this rally. I think it was a blessing in disguise that my PC-12 had an engine fire during the Rally test flight. I just barely had time to plan and fly the one airplane let alone two! Maybe when I'm retired and my kids are both in college... I intend to go ahead and continue flying the Panthera north to get my new bird to southern California where I'll probably hanger it and fly a C172 on PilotEdge. The first flight of that journey is going to test just how long her legs are. Theoretically, it's supposed to be able to carry four passengers up to 1,000 nm. Finally, I say to the event organizers: thank you, very, very much! Also, thank you to the other pilots for sharing their experiences. I had a blast with the MEBAR and it was a terrific learning experience. I'll be back for the next one and think I will be looking for a 'round the world flight to join.
  12. Goblin

    Show off

    Inbound for Santiago!
  13. Goblin

    Show off

    Hmm... There's a lot more water than I was expecting...
  14. Goblin

    Show off

    You must be the guy who asked for new pants, Dave. And yes, we are having fun!
  15. I hope this isn't too dark. Looks good to me though!
  16. A relaxing let-down out of the mountains.
  17. I think maybe that last shot came out too dark on some monitors. It looks fine on my sim monitor, but I just looked at it on my ipad and it's too dark. Here's another look... I did manage to get the gear down at the last possible moment. Had to add power, ended up bouncing and the cross wind blew me into the grass!
  18. Nice. And you've got your gear down too. Even better.
  19. I agree, I had some of the best looking and more agreeable weather on this one. Here I am getting ready to go... And juuusssst about done... spent too much time looking at that guy parked out in the grass...
  20. Goblin

    XP11 Randoms

    That second shot is really good. I had a double take wondering if it was real or sim... What are those icons on the right side of the screen?
  21. Goblin


    Yeah, I'm flying the MEBAR in X-Plane and I used the 114.0 MHz VOR. My numbers are messed up in the Target times; flight time should have been 16.8 rather than 15.5. No big deal though, I'm just enjoying the flights. Kind of wondering about the VOR's over the course though... Maybe it'll get more interesting?... I might fly a second Aircraft in P3D; sure do like my A2A Skylane.
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