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  1. Think I will wait a few days until PTA has a update. Some great looking new features and no doubt LM are building a platform for the future.
  2. lionwing

    EGOV issue

    It might not necessarily be a ORBX issue. This can occur in P3Dv4 if the original scenery uses "old" FS9 code. It is fixable but only by creating your own .bgl using methods agreeable to P3Dv4. If you have a copy of FSX try the scenery in that. Very likely it will work just fine.
  3. The only one I can find is this - http://www.ukmil.org.uk/search.php?q=scenery&t=downloads&r=0 I think it is part of the UK2000 VFR package but how current the version is I do not know. There is a developer currently working on Lossiemouth who has Brize on his "todo" list - https://militaryaiworks.com/forums/9/16900?p=176344#p176344
  4. Stunning. That is a very dynamic colour set going on there.
  5. Exeter in this case in the shot above. Nice last night...
  6. Banking at fifteen degrees..I didn't spill a drop. I did drop my biscuit though!
  7. Nice...very atmospheric shots.
  8. Wain They do as far as I can tell. There might be one or two elevation conflicts but nothing that isn't fixable.
  9. The Q400 is right at home in Norway. If you haven't already then take a look at this freeware scenery which is amazing! https://www.flightsimnorway.com/
  10. Thank you ORBX. North & South America LC added to the library. Kids will be moaning when I hog all the bandwidth later!
  11. lionwing


    Very impressive and no PTA! I've never found the sweet spot with REX Skyforce but do use the Texture Direct / Soft Clouds which is very good.
  12. lionwing


    Nice shots. I always find the Q400 to be quite a handful on approach...you really have to watch the speed so carefully.
  13. I've never owned the ES products having sought them for several years hoping they might be found lurking in the depths of a Google search. This is great news and will look forward to adding them to my ORBX library.
  14. That HUD is fantastic and the flight deck is really tidy! @wain - The aircraft isn't actually that complex with pretty solid logic all the way through with one exception in that V Speeds are calculated by the EFB and then transferred to the FMC. Not that this is a complex feature just different. We might be able to set up a "one to one" sometime with it if you like?
  15. Wow...thanks all! When flying around the Alaskan Bush it can "feel" cold but never had to wear a scarf indoors yet!
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