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  1. Hi Mebar team and fellow pilots, following Toby, the second entry from Andras Meridian is joining. It's the second time for me and happy to join again. Many thx for your ongoing efforts to host this great event. Presenting the "sister" livery for my Mustang... Cheers Thorsten
  2. Many thx guys... what to say... we love mebar, flying, bunnies... Cheers Thorsten
  3. Many thanks to both of you for explanation... Things clear now... Now to decide to fly again or hope I will stay in time corridor... remaining legs will be flown slower Cheers Thorsten
  4. Hi folks, just seen on the result table that for example the Comanche got a set target speed of 140 kts for all pilots flying the Comanche. I was using slightly higher power settings with 22 over 22 in my testflight and my fellow copilots 20 over 20 resulting in me beeing slightly faster than them. I've done my first two flights now without noticing the target speed. So do I have to adjust my speed down to the overall set target speed of the Comanche to stay in the limits? Cheers and thanks Thorsten
  5. Hi fellow Mebar pilots, to make the list complete we present our Mebar2018 fleet. Thanks to the Mebar team for setting up this event. Cheers Thorsten
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