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  1. Hi again Tony, I have not been able to find the AGN files required when going onto the Avsim downloads pages. The ones I did find contained 643 files but cant find ones containing thousands which is required. I have tried to copy my files from my already working FSX VFR scenery for Scotland but that makes no difference. Equally I have also tried to copy files from Avsim that were designed to go into Ireland volumes 9-10 (FSX) but did not work with Ireland. Any further help would be appreciated. I would be willing to pay you for the trees you say you currently have managed to get working for your Scotland VFR in P3Dv4. Ps. Regards Stewart
  2. Thanks Tony will give it a go. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again for your help it is much appreciated. Cheers Stewart
  3. Thanks Tony, do I simply copy the AGN files into the texture folder where volume 8 folder is located, where the original files for the trees were located or do I have to copy them into another location. Cheers Stewart
  4. Hi again and thanks Tony for your help. can you place a link for me as to the correct files please. When I look on the Avsim downloads I can only see some AG trees library 1.1 for FS 2004. Is this the correct one? Cheers Stewart
  5. Hello again, Not sure if this thread will still be active, but I wonder if any one has been able to get Trees to work with volume 8 South Scotland generation X VFR scenery? I have managed to get the trees to appear in Volumes 1,2 and 3 of VFR generation X scenery, but not Volume 8. The Texture folder with its many AGN files has been inserted into the correct location as described but still no trees. The install appears correct so does anyone have any further help with regards getting the trees to appear in Volume 8 Generation X VFR scenery. Thanks Stewart
  6. Hello brett, Really my thanks goes to Dogtrack for helping me select the correct folders. I was able to look at my other install in FSX and looked for the Texture folders which contained the required tree information. The original install of the VFR UK scenery was done using the Estonia migration tool which seemed to work. However when I then go to the Scenery folder in P3Dv4 from within the sim itself there is no VFR scenery. The only thing there relating to what I have installed is the extra demo bit of scenery you get around Colwyn Bay that is an option to check when installing Volume 3. I have some issues with the lack of trees being inserted around Sleap and Shawbury which may be to do with the fact that in my FSX install I have installed Shawbury fields scenery as well (not into P3Dv4). I basically copied the texture folders as suggested my Dogtrack from my already installed FSX, installed scenery and placed them into the various locations he described. The downside to this is there is no file structure/order visible in the scenery location where you can move scenery up or down a layer as it does not exist in there when you look. Simply placing the tree/texture folder described above by Dogtrack made things work. I hope this makes sense. Cheers Stewart
  7. Ah hooray I have just got area Volume 3 to work with the Trees. Just copying the other volumes now. Have you been able to get any of Garry Summons Xtreme airports or UK 2000 VFR airports to work?
  8. Just tried to copy an image into FS-SNAPS The image/screen dump was copied into paint then the image saved as wordpad. Said it was too big.
  9. Hi again How can I insert a picture into my reply. I have done a screen dump of the file structure and want to insert it into my post. Sorry to sound a bit thick but forums ect are all new to me and how to navigate them. Cheers Stewart
  10. Thanks again for your help. I will try to look at this more over the next few days but it looks more complicated. Cheers
  11. Thanks very much for the help. I will have a look to see if I can get my head around what you are explaining and get back to you as I think I will need quite a bit of help with what goes where and perhaps post a picture of my various folder that exist on FSX to see what needs to be copied to my P3Dv4 PC. I would rely like to get this to work as as I am not a fan of Orbx scenery as its not real imagery of the UK. I would be happy just getting trees around the UK for now. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Hi Joe, Thanks for the reply. I cant find an Addon scenery folder in P3Dv4. I know they have changed the file structures but I cant even find one on the general hard drive. Cheers Stewart
  13. Hello all. I wonder if any one in our community has been able to Make either RevolutionX or Treescapes work in P3Dv4? I have used the Estonia tool to install GenerationX VFR successfully into P3Dv4 but would like to add some autogen. I have previously installed Treescapes into FSX. and have the extracted files to hand. I know the guys at Treescapes are no longer around but hope someone may know how to do this. Cheers Stewart
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