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  1. Like Toby sed, You gotta love A2A aircraft. If you don,t handle her well they will let you down When extending the flaps 1 position the right wing did go up forcing me to make a left turn. So had to make a flaps up landing but made it just in time to make it to a full stop.
  2. It is fun flying together and see how little different our flight plans are. I am Having great fun flying this MEBAR. Take a look at some pictures I made this 1th flight.
  3. Thanks but all the credits are going to our painter.
  4. 878/5000 Hello to all. First a big thank you for Mebar for organizing this event. I would like to introduce myself as a member of the virtual airliner Andras Meridian Airline "AMA". My name is Dirk Njdam and I have been flying for this VA for 5 or 6 years. and I must say to full satisfaction. It is a small va, which mainly deals with GA, but also you can fly the big irons with us. IFR or VFR both are possible around the world. Although our va is small, we are a very active group of people with our own events almost
  5. Hi All. This year I also want to participate in the mebar2018 adventure. I think it would be fun to join with my fellow virtual airline pilots Have already done the test flight in the A2A comanche and registered. So I'm ready.
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