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  1. i am impressed with your flight planning ... it's inspired me to do something other than take off and hope for the best ... although it's a great way to meet stuffed clouds (although why would you).  Love the Beech, very pretty ... I was thinking of flying the D18S I have (doesn't have your sophisticated instruments) but decided on the the PBY Catalina which has even fewer and more basic instrumentation.  

    Great job on planning the gig again Andrew ... and thank you ... happy landings y'all ....

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  2. Wow, this is the first time I've completed a Mebar ... what a buzz I'm feeling now.  Congratulations to everyone that took part.  I've loved reading the forum and the screenshots.  I've just found out how to capture a screenshot but I don't know how to upload them.  Ah well, maybe by next year ... Gee I thought my navigation was good, but this has really put it to the test.  Thanks Mutley .... thanks Jo and everyone involved ....

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  3. On 4/3/2018 at 07:44, brett said:

    It does pay to check the Terrain Analysis in PlanG when making your flight plan,;) glad you made it safe and sound.:) 



    If you have PlanG ... 'fraid FS9 flightplanner don't have such luxuries ... 'course in Grandma's day she used to fly 20 feet above the backroads so's she could read the signposts ... now that WAS flying ... or maybe that was driving ...

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  4. Thanks for the warning John ... I've been a bit worried about flying into stuffed clouds on this one.  I've been erring on the side of altitude too.  We had an old homily in my skydiving group; "The most useless commodity to a skydiver is the amount of sky above you."  Actually, I think that's not at all appropriate ... anyway .... thanks again for the 'heads up' (kind of a pun) ...

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