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  1. Hi, For P3D, in case Fllytampa's LGAV is installed i found that renaming and temporarily disabling the two files below : LGAT_ADEX_FLYTAMPA.BGL LGAT_ADEX_FLYTAMPA_CVX.BGL solves the issue of LGAT not showing up. Then in your planner (tested with Plan G and Little navmap just choose to view the original scenery and you are good to go. Many thanks to Andrew for another mebar, really looking forward to flying in my home country. I appreciate ''resurrecting'' LGAT, I used to live a mile from the threshold of 15L, really enjoying the Olympic 742's departing 33R for New York and Toronto. A reason to always leave the Sunday lunch table around 1400 local time. Majority of GA planes are now in LGMG and LGTT since LGEL and LGTG are primarily military. Have fun everyone! Best regards Thanos Anogiatis
  2. Completed the rally in one piece ! Thank you for a week of planning, sorting scenery and navaids, checking weather and fuel, responding to terrain alerts, going around and ...flying. My first rally, although many years in the hobby, provided a nice framework and the always important flying with a purpose. I fully appreciate all the hard work that went into MEBAR2018, the things we saw and the things that happened behind the scenes ! The GS idea was great and kept everyone constantly occupied in the cockpit I believe. Will try to post some screenshots later, a sort of a digital souvenir from my norwegian adventure ! Great work and see you next year ! (or earlier ) Thanos Anogiatis
  3. You are absolutely right Brian and this is how I found I had a problem. Turning off the navdata I still had the default navaids missing. As I wrote in my original post In my case the issue was that I have been also using http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html to update my navaids over time. These bgls are practically syncing the actual navaids to the Navigraph Data, so I had a series of exclusions over the default. Great function to increase reality to current navaids but not very helpful in our situation. I used the option in the site's installers to restore the originals and all is now fine including the proper function of the scenery library in littlenavmap. All I need now is to actually FLY the legs and stop talking but Friday is approaching! Take care all, Thanos
  4. Hi Dean, I too have added user waypoints based on the radials/bearings as a sanity check before the flights. Also sharpened the relevant skills in PlanG and LittleNavMap that I use in parallel to compare at the moment. On the wx question, I was not able to load the wx. in AS. Every time I loaded the flight and then replaced the default aircraft with the A2A comanche, the comanche was inoperable, none of the switches was working. So I created the same situation with the comanche (say MEBAR1.flt). As you know 3 files are created for every saved flight (.flt, .wx, .fssave) All I then did was copying and renaming the mebar provided .wx file to my file i.e. mebar1.wx I am with FSXSE but i believe it is the same with P3D The "correct" weather was then associated, you can check the stations inside the sim. Happy flying! Regards Thanos
  5. Thank you both for the insight. Restored the original navaids and everything is sorted! So much for trying to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest information :-) Cheers, Thanos
  6. Hello to all, nice to meet you and really looking forward to the event. As I am preparing for my first ever MEBAR, I started checking the Navigation instructions and I noticed that many of the referenced navaids (SKI VOR, NTD NDB, KLD VOR) do not exist in my FSXSE installations. Using Plan G and Little Nav map to verify, with or without ORBX scenery, trying with and without navigraph 1802 database. I have been also using http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html to update my navaids over time so i do not really know if things have been overwritten. Other sources of information refer to the navaids without issues so it is probably my databases and installed sceneries. http://worldaerodata.com/nav/Norway.php What is the main source of navaids used to calculate the MEBAR 2018 legs ? Any ideas what should i revert to in order to be able to used the proposed routes? Any and all ideas are appreciated. Thank you Best, Thanos Anogiatis
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