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  1. Hi, Have been under the weather a bit and as a result, I missed a few updates. Going against what I usually do (add one update at a time), I installed Xplane 11.50b17, FDStoXP 1.31a and the Zibo Mod 3.42.25. Just up and down in Chicago, the 1080TI boards on the left and right monitors (right monitor is out of your view) were struggling to keep up with the demand at times. The 2080TI that is in my center view (your right view) worked very well. Will be nice once these are replaced with three 3080TI's! Still need to dull the lights a bit and cut the bloom effect a bit as well. Other than that, I'll give it a good work-over tomorrow.
  2. Hi, Just a quick look at FlyTampa's Vegas scenery.
  3. Hi Everybody, Well, working out the last of my exterior view issues. I did experience a fw problems with Zibo's latest offering (.16) and I may roll back to .15. This is Air Canada flight 416 with nonstop service from Toronto to Montreal Canada.
  4. Hi, Aero-Mexico flight 9334 Bogota Columbia to Mexico City Mexico.
  5. SWEET VIDEO. One of the things I miss with the full flight deck, makes it impossible to take these guys for a spin. Very nice.
  6. Dallas Texas to Pensacola Florida Had a few video editing issues this go around that are included in the video, sorry about that. AND, 😂 this was a Southwest flight and I forgot to change the AA aircraft on the server. Wrong announcements during flight. Had a few passengers that thought they were on the wrong flight. 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Hi Everybody, Departing Chicago - (KORD) heading into Phili - (KPHL)
  8. Hi Everybody, Took the zibo out for a short flight, MBPV to KMIA.
  9. Hi Everybody, While I continue to work on my daytime lights edit, I decided to drop into Chicago (KMDW).
  10. Thanks Mutley, I don't get out much so I figured why not make the best of it... This is the end result.
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