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  1. well I got everything installed and it works great.
  2. I had this problem and opened Orbx FTX Central and ran Airport Elevations Corrections. The problem disappeared.
  3. The system I just ordered and will be here the last of this week is as follows: i9 9900 K CPU Asus Rog Maximus XI Asus Rog GeForce GTX 1080 Ti DirectX 12 STRIX-011G Gaming 11GB Switch from the old computer Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower Samsung 970 PRO Series - 1TB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD Black/Red (MZ-V7P1T0BW) Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series DDR4 DRAM 3600MHz 16GB Kit - Black - RGB Color Profiles Corsair AX 1220i Power Supply Three BenQ 31.5 " curved Monitors. Existing CORSAIR Hydro Series H110i AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 280mm Radiator, Dual 140mm SP Series PWM Fans, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Software Control I hope that this will cool the CPU with it OC to 5.0 If not I will have to upgrade. Do any of you use P3D Pro Plus. I have rented it but have not taken the time to set it up. Tom Johnson
  4. Right now I am using the following: Intel i7-5960X OC 4.4 32.0 GB Memory Win 10 Pro 64-bit 1080 TI not OC Asus Rampage V Extreme Corsair H110 Liquid CPU Cooler I bought the GF Airliner system with the GF Pro yoke and the GFRP-2 Rudder. I am unhappy with the yoke. It has to much dead band sideways and push-pull. It also sticks. The other day I smeared petroleum jelly on the yoke surfaces and it helped. I also re-did the springs and installed rubber bands on the elevator pots inside to reduce the dead band. I would like to get YoKo the Yoke in the future. Tom Johnson
  5. Sorry , this should be in Hardware. Would you please move to the Hardware forum. Tom Johnson
  6. I should of also asked, I will be running P3D V4 with this unit. Tom Johnson
  7. What are your thoughts on the i9 9900K CPU and an ASUS Z390 Motherboard? Tom Johnson