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  1. sidler

    CRI Champ

    Flightsim.com p.s. I have a very hard posting anything on this site! I'm working on it. Dick
  2. sidler

    CRI Champ

    Prepar3D v3.4 Aeronca C3htt
  3. I have Pease AFB v2 working on Prepar3D v3. Check it out on the .NET. It's pretty cool! Dick
  4. Excellent shots....you gotta love the cub.
  5. sidler

    Super Cub

    I would like to thank all who tried to help with my screenshots attempts. I'm sure it's something on my end. p.s. I will work on it until I get it! Thanks Dick
  6. sidler

    Aeronca C3

  7. Now I can't control how many!! Here is what I'm doing: 1. Click on screenshot and change from .bmp to jpeg 2. Use IMGUR, bring screenshot in, chose BBCODE (copy) 3. Go to Mutley's Hangar, go to Screenshots & Video's, click on start new topic 4. Click on control+V...nothing appens! 4.a Option: I click Menu and nothing happens! p.s. sometimes it works …...sometimes it doesn't. Dick
  8. sidler

    Super Cub

    Thanks, sometimes the screenshots work and sometimes they don't....
  9. sidler


    I'll keep trying!!
  10. sidler

    Super Cub

    I'm getting THERE! Dick