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  1. I've been waiting a long time to get the new A2A Cub and for you to continue your adventures. I do love me some A2A Cub. I'm currently flying the reverse route depicted in the book Flight of Passage. I already did the flight a long time ago, now I'm taking the Cub back home. I started in California and my next flight will be over Dallas. Easy navigation using highways: 8, 10, 20, 30, 40, 81 and I'm not restricted to whatever path the author took to get to California. Good luck! Hook
  2. If you post in the Steam FSX:SE General Discussion forum, I'll find you there. I follow it closely. Someone there should be able to help you with the problems in any case... I'm not an expert in it. The L-5 is a good choice, basically the same aircraft. You might be able to de-tune it to get standard Cub performance if you are handy with config files. Hook
  3. This has been great. There really is no replacement for the A2A Cub but if you have to... If you are considering the GAS Super Stearman, I've done considerable work on the StearMiss, including a first cut at an Accu-Engine. The engine will hesitate if you get it very much lean of peak, and I'm currently working on making the oil pressure vary with oil temperature and the oil temp has been fine tuned a bit. All the engine gauges read correctly and are calibrated. Minor tuning on the flight model and some graphics changes to make it look more like the original StearMiss which is no longer available from GAS. I'm currently flying Stephen Coonts' "Cannibal Queen" route for the third time; this is the first time with the new StearMiss and P3Dv4. I'm already in New York. I just need a Cannibal Queen paint; I had one for the old version of the plane. But really, you'd be better off getting FSX:SE working and continuing in the A2A Cub. Look me up on the Steam FSX:SE forum in the General Discussion forum. Hook
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